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Lima is not only the largest city in Peru, but also the fifth most visited city in Latin America. It is home to some of the best restaurants in the world, offers both historical and cultural charm and is by far the city in Peru that offers the most possibilities regarding what to do at night.

Almost all travelers coming to Lima spend on average 2-3 days in the capital of Peru. Therefore, the question of what are the best things to do in Lima at night arises for almost everyone who wants to make the most of their time.

While you are traveling to Peru you may need to keep communication. That’s why you may need to use one of our mobile phone plans for tourists to avoid high roaming costs. In order to make a nice trip here in PeruSIM, we will show you some things to do in Lima at Night.

Malecon of Miraflores

The Malecon offers the perfect opportunity to escape the hectic lifestyle of Lima, during the day and also at night. It is a 9 km path that offers many beautiful views of the capital\’s coastline.

You can find many different parks with sculptures, cafes, a lighthouse and Larcomar, a modern shopping mall very well located in Miraflores. Check out the top 10 tourist attractions in Lima to choose for your next trip!


This modern shopping mall is located on the Malecon and offers a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean. It has 17 restaurants offering Peruvian and international food and more than 70 shopping stores. Most restaurants are open until midnight, stores until 10:00 pm.

We recommend booking a table at an oceanfront restaurant so you can enjoy this beautiful view at night as well.

Walking around Barranco at night


Barranco is Lima\’s bohemian district that is home to many different artists, musicians, photographers and designers. It is considered the most romantic district of Lima.

The district has many beautiful houses built in the typical late 19th century style, small streets and interesting places to visit, such as museums or the like.

Magic Water Circuit (Reserve Park)

Being about 15-20 minutes from Parque Kennedy, the Circuito Mágico del Agua is a fairly centrally located option for most tourists. The park has 13 different fountains.

With music and light effects they offer an entertaining show as they are synchronized. Especially for families with children it is a great option.

You can also visit the park during the day, but at night it is even more impressive as you clearly see the light effects. Fun fact: the Magic Water Circuit received its own entry in the Guinness World Records Book as the world\’s largest water fountain complex in a public park.

The entrance fee is S/ 4 per person (about $1.50). You can visit the park from Wednesday to Sunday from 3:00 pm to 10:30 pm. A cab from Miraflores will be around S/ 8.

Plaza de Armas

Unlike most cities, downtown Lima is not the top part of the capital. Besides security issues, there are many more beautiful places in Miraflores, San Isidro and Barranco.

However, the Plaza de Armas is worth a visit, as the buildings around it are very well lit. And if you are willing to try a Pisco Sour, you should definitely stop by the Gran Hotel Bolivar.

It is located in the Plaza San Martin, very close to the Plaza de Armas. It was the first luxury hotel in Lima and is known for its Pisco Sour, which many people consider the best in all of Peru.

Restaurants in Lima


Lima is the hotspot for food lovers, not only in Peru, but throughout the continent. The number of excellent restaurants is overwhelming. We will introduce you to some of the most popular and also some of our personal favorites.

We will start with the most renowned restaurants in Lima that offer an unforgettable dining experience. For all of these, it is absolutely necessary to reserve a table weeks in advance, as reservations tend to sell out quickly.

Bars in Lima

There are many different options for a night out in Lima. The image above is from the Celeste Rooftop Bar in San Isidro.

When the sun sets over Peru\’s capital and you see all the city lights, you realize how big this city really is.

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