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What is Tripadvisor and how does it work?

We love to travel, but the process of planning the trip, flights, hotels, apartments, tourism, etc., in a place we don’t know, can be a real odyssey. Therefore, the more resources we have to facilitate this process and choose the best options, the better. Today we are going to tell you what Tripadvisor is and what it is for.

While you are traveling to Peru you may need to keep communication. That’s why you may need to use one of our mobile phone plans for tourists to avoid high roaming costs. In order to make a nice trip here in PeruSIM, we will show you what Tripadvisor is and how it works.

What is Tripadvisor and how does it work?

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Tripadvisor is an online platform that collects millions of opinions about certain businesses in the tourism sector (hotels, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, cruises, etc). The tourism sector lives more than ever pending digital word of mouth. That is, the opinions that their customers pour about them. In this sense, Tripadvisor is a giant on the Internet. And the data speaks for itself:

Tripadvisor has a traffic of more than 460 million unique visitors per month. More than 760 million tourist reviews are registered on this digital platform. Approximately 7 million restaurants and accommodations have reviews on Tripadvisor. The Tripadvisor brand is available in 49 different markets around the world. 

In short, this is the world’s largest community of travelers. But how does this tourism leader work? Tripadvisor directly influences the online reputation of hotels. Both for good and for bad. The popularity index of a hotel determines the degree of satisfaction of its customers. This is done through a system of traveler ratings based on:

Personal opinions of customers. 

  • Quality-price ratio. 
  • Ranking according to the lowest price. 
  • Classification by distance, placing first the establishments that are more centrally located. 

All this information is what will determine your ranking on Tripadvisor. A positioning for your hotel that will also be determined by:

  • The quality of the opinions through a bubble system. Higher rankings will be given to those hotels with scores of 5 bubbles. 
  • The novelty of the reviews, the most recent ones being those with more weight for the positioning of your hotel. 
  • The total number of reviews your business receives. Sites with more reviews generate much more confidence in the user, than other businesses that have few or no reviews. 

The platform can help you plan a trip in every way. Comparing prices to book flights, hotels, cruises, restaurants… Everything can be done from within the website, flights and hotels redirect to their original company page to purchase them. 

It also provides destination guides, more informal tips and reviews from people who have made that trip or have been to the site we are looking for in question. The experience of someone like us is always more reliable than the opinion of the company itself. 

The birth of the platform was the result of a coincidence in which its creator, Sthepen Kaufer, was looking for information about a hotel in Mexico and found nothing more than the mere description of the site. After some persistence, he found an article by a couple about their experience at the hotel, which was not too positive and helped him. So he thought of creating a web platform himself to help travelers in this situation, and Tripadvisor was born in 2000! 

What can I do on Tripadvisor?

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You can approach it in two ways: for the users and for the businesses that appear. 

For users, using Tripadvisor makes it easier to choose a place to go, whether it’s a trip or where to eat today. 

By having reviews on everything you can imagine, it reduces the uncertainty of having a bad experience. For greater certainty, everyone can rate and evaluate the reviews made by others, since we will always be more reliable in the opinion of someone who was looking for the same experience as us. In addition, photos can also be added to the reviews.

To read a review more adapted to what we are looking for in that experience, there are filters within all the written opinions. You can indicate the time of year, the language you want and the type of traveler (family, couple, business…).

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