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The city of Ica, capital of the department of the same name, is located at kilometer 300 of the Pan-American Highway South and is at an altitude of 406 meters above sea level. Its climate is sunny and dry all year round. It is the main wine-growing center of Peru, with the most important wine producers in the country located in this department.

This area almost entirely covers part of the Peruvian coastal desert, today stands out for its extensive agro-export production, where a large part of the people learned to sell their products abroad.

Ica is an esoteric land of deep religious faith, dunes, valleys and sun, Ica is an agricultural area par excellence where cotton fields, pallares, asparagus, citrus and vineyards alternate with vast deserts of stunning textures and colors. 

In its territories were developed some of the most important civilizations of ancient Peru, such as Paracas and Nazca, which left a legacy that endures despite time, sand and winds, where today we can enjoy this great legacy.

When you go to Ica makes you want to stay and it is not for less because its beautiful landscapes, its beautiful beaches, and what to say of the legacies left by our ancestors, makes you not want to leave this paradisiacal place, the taste of its cuisine is unmistakable, the climate is pleasant that settles anyone, their dances all makes it seem that Ica is a paradise, has very good hotels, and places to have a great time.

Peruvian food is characterized for being delicious, not in vain it is considered one of the best in the world. Within each region of Ica there are exquisite traditional dishes that encourage gastronomic tourism to the area. Ica has one of the most emblematic cuisines of Peru.

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Sopa Seca

Sopa Seca literally translates to “The dry soup” usually accompanies the carapulcra. The base of the dish is rich noodles that are seasoned with different herbs, as well as spices such as aji colorado (red hot bell pepper) and ground garlic. Iqueña dry soup is usually served with chicken meat, although some people use chicken or pork as a substitute.


Carapulcra is a mestizo dish that emerged during colonial times. It is known to be the oldest mestizo dish in Peru and in fact has something of Afro-Peruvian, Andean and Spanish culture. 

The main ingredient of the carapulcra is the “papa seca”, also the name “Carapulcra” means “Stones of the River”. Its roots go back to the mixture of indigenous and Afro-Peruvian cultures, and it is one of the oldest dishes in this country. It contains ground peanuts, aji panca, pork, onion, etc.  It is delicious to eat this dish fresh from the stove with the dry soup. It is much tastier if it is cooked over firewood.

Chupe de pallares

Pallares are also typical of Ica. They are often prepared boiled and stewed accompanied by fried fish, but there are other ways of preparation such as the chupe de pallares that, in addition to this fruit, has a dressing of onion, cheese and milk.

Shrimp Cocktail

A typical dish of the city of Ica in the Cóctel de Camarones, it is cold and served as a starter in many restaurants. It is prepared with boiled shrimp or shrimp, and is accompanied with lemon juice, vegetables, lettuce, avocado or tomato.

Chickpea salad

A traditional dish from Ica that is served along with several lunches in restaurants in the city, is the Chickpea Salad, the salad is made of chickpeas cooked with lemon onions and rocoto, plus salt and pepper to taste.

As well as the main dishes, there are also the traditional Iqueño desserts, among them:

Grape Mazamorra

Part of Ica’s food are the desserts, the Mazamorra de Uva, is a traditional dessert from Ica. Its preparation is made with cloves, cinnamon and crushed grapes, with dissolved flour. It has a color very similar to the Mazamorra Morada, but its flavor is different.

Frejol Colado

Frejol Colado is a typical sweet of Peruvian gastronomy, specifically in Cañete or Ica. It is made with cinnamon, cloves and liquefied beans, mixed with sugar and evaporated milk.


Teja is a typical sweet from the city of Ica, and is a piece of fruit or nuts such as pecans, filled with blancmange and covered with a fondant layer. It is a derivative of the chocoteja and very consumed in this Peruvian city.

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