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Peru is one of the favorite places in the world for gastronomy. The combination of Spanish and Peruvian culinary influences are constantly evolving; and added to the variety of ingredients; make traditional desserts an interesting repertoire.

Peruvian food has been revolutionized over the years. Even other countries have contributed their seasoning, making it much more varied and richer.

While you are traveling to Peru you may need to keep communication or a translation app. That’s why you may need to use one of our mobile phone plans for tourists to avoid high roaming costs. In order to make a nice trip here in PeruSIM. Here are some of the best desserts to eat in Peru

1. Picarones

This sweet from Lima was created at the time of the conquest. Ingredients from Europe were mixed with those from Peru, and the picarón was born; picarones are similar in shape to the traditional donuts. They are prepared with sweet potato and pumpkin, seasoned with anise and cinnamon and then bathed in fig, passion fruit or sugar cane syrup.

2. Mazamorra morada

mazamorra morada

Mazamorra morada is one of those desserts, which is eaten all year round, but more often during winter and spring. This dessert has a complex set of flavors, its main ingredient is purple corn, cinnamon and cloves with a variety of fruits such as pineapple, apple and quince.

3. Arroz Zambito

This popular variation of rice pudding gets its dark brown color from the sugar cane syrup called chancaca. The recipe, which probably dates back to early colonial times in Peru, is sometimes served with mazamorra morada; it also includes walnuts and raisins…

4. Suspiro a la limeña

This classic dessert is emblematic of Lima. Prepared with manjar blanco, milk, sugar and yolks with port wine meringue and cinnamon, it was invented by Amparo Ayarza, the wife of the poet José Gálvez, who called it suspiro de limeña because of its light and sweet nature.

5.Turrones de Doña Pepa

turron dona pepa

El Señor de los Milagros, an image of Jesus Christ in a chapel in downtown Lima to which many miracles have been attributed, including one for an Afro-Peruvian woman named Josefa Maraminillo. This woman, also known as Doña Pepa, suffered from a mysterious illness that caused paralysis in her arms, and she visited El Señor de Los Milagros to seek help. After being miraculously cured, she created this nougat and began handing it out to other devotees in the chapel as a way of showing her gratitude.

This sweet is made with a dough of wheat flour, butter, egg, milk and aniseed. The dough is baked in the form of long sticks, bathed with chancaca honey and decorated with dragées and candies of various shapes and colors.

6. Frejol Colado

This delicious mestizo sweet from colonial times is typical of Lima and Ica. It is prepared with parboiled beans to which sugar and milk, cinnamon and cloves are added, among other ingredients.

The “frejol colado” is prepared especially on Thursdays and Fridays of Holy Week and Christmas Eve. The main ingredients are: black beans, brown sugar and evaporated milk. It should be noted that depending on the area the ingredients may vary, since in different parts red wine, cloves and nutmeg are added. Likewise, black beans are replaced by canary or red beans.

7. Natilla


A sweet of Spanish origin, typical of northern Peru, especially Piura. It is prepared with milk, chancaca or sugar cooked over low heat.

Due to industrialization, goat’s milk was replaced by cow’s milk. This is a typical dessert of the departments of Piura and Lambayeque, cities located in northern Peru. Chancaca is used to make natilla piurana, and I’m sure you are wondering what is chancaca. Well, it is also known as panela, rapudillo or pepas dulces, and is made from sugar cane juice, which is heated at high temperatures to achieve the ideal color. It can be consumed directly or as a filling for alfajores.

8. Queso Helado

Also called ice cream jar, it is a typical dessert of the gastronomy of the city of Arequipa. The curious thing about its name is that it does not have cheese among its main ingredients and it is generally prepared in an artisan way, its texture is creamy combining it with different flavors, although there are already companies dedicated to the elaboration of this dessert in an industrialized way.

9. Alfajores

Alfajores are one of the most popular desserts in South America, being Argentina and Peru the countries where they are prepared the most. This time the recipe for Peruvian style alfajores, a simple and quick recipe. It is the snack of always, the one that accompanies us at any time and to which we usually resort when we crave a sweet afternoon.

10. King Kong

 It is a typical dessert of Peruvian gastronomy, specifically from the regions of La Libertad and Lambayeque. It consists of a large alfajor made with cookies made of flour, butter, egg yolks and milk, mixed with blancmange, pineapple jam or various types of jams.

As you can see, Peruvian food has so much variety that it even has a large number of desserts. There are many more since Peru has so many different places and cultures that diversity is one of its main characteristics.Finally, we know that you have to keep communication with your relatives and friends, that you need to be able to orient yourself in new cities, that you might need help with translation and that you might need to search for restaurants or hotels. That’s why with PeruSIM you can buy a SIM card including the data plan of your need without having to worry about high roaming costs.