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Colán is a coastal town that attracts visitors mainly because of its different beach resorts, which in general stand out for the characteristic of having beaches with clean and crystalline waters. One of the most famous beaches in Colán is the Esmeralda de Colán Beach, which has waters that live up to its name, in a serene and cozy environment.

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What is the best beach in Colán?

Colán is one of the 7 districts of the province of Paita, Piura. This seaside resort is known for its beaches, especially the Esmeralda de Colan, or simply Colan, the best in this area.

How is Colan known?

It is usually known as Colán, simply, and around it you can see several residential buildings, as well as restaurants where you can eat while enjoying a beautiful view of the sea.

The waters of Colán beach are emerald green most of the summer. It is for this famous characteristic whose full name is La Esmeralda de Colán.

In addition, this town is known by the saying: “the sun of Colán and the moon of Paita”, in allusion to its beautiful sunset in its beach resort and the splendid moon that can be appreciated in the port of Paita.

What to visit in Colan

Diving into its beautiful turquoise blue waters is almost inevitable for those who visit the beautiful beach of Colan, but if you want to know what to see and what to do in Colan, take note:

San Lucas Church

The first church of the South Pacific, is built in marine pavement with mud mortar and dates from the sixteenth century (1535), the same that is located on top of a promontory or a hill. The church itself has a nave, two aisles, a gabled roof, presbytery and sacristy.

The altar or altarpiece of the main altar, which has an architectural and artistic baroque structure of the sixteenth century, as well as the tabernacle, which has semicircular doors and when closed forms the royal coat of arms of the Habsburg family.

Colán Salt Mines

A few minutes from the Colán spa you will find the salt pans, between the houses and the cliff. These are small pools of salt water that evaporate, leaving salt, the same salt that after a process of refinement, we consume daily in our food.

La Cruz – Colán Viewpoint

At 6 minutes from the beach, is the Colán viewpoint, where you can appreciate the beautiful view of the resort and one of the most beautiful sunsets. At the top of this viewpoint there is a wooden cross, which apparently dates back to 1900.

Water sports

Snorkeling is another favorite activity for visitors, who dive into the sea to appreciate the varied diversity of marine flora and fauna. It is also possible to practice various other adventure sports, including renting a kayak, windsurfing and jet skiing.

In the surroundings there are some dunes where adrenaline lovers enjoy sandboarding, which is nothing more than moving on boards through the sand. You can also rent motorcycles, pickup trucks or ATVs to climb these huge hills, from where you get a beautiful and unique view of the landscape.

Festivals in Colán

Those who visit this district can also take the opportunity to get to know it during its festivities, such as the Carnival Festival, which begins with the celebration of a yunza animated by bands of musicians.

What is Colán beach like?

Colán beach is sandy and has warm waters, and is characterized by its turquoise color and strong waves. However, its high tide helps to avoid being stung by the stingrays that inhabit the beach, marine animals that can sting the feet of swimmers on the seashore.

How to get to Colán from Piura?

From the city of Piura to Colán, it is approximately 1 hour by car or cab. If you opt for public transportation, you can get there in an hour and a half if you follow this route: take a bus to Paita, in Paita take a mototaxi to the bus terminal where you will board the bus that will drop you off in Colán.

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