6 things you can do while you travel

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6 things you can do while you travel

Are you planning a vacation and you are afraid that spending many hours inside a plane may bore you? How to spend this time to make the trip more enjoyable and try not to arrive too tired at the destination? In reclamador.es we have collected tips for a long plane trip, such as reading or watching that series you had pending.

While you are traveling to Peru you may need to keep communication or a translation app. That’s why you may need to use one of our mobile phone plans for tourists to have a  tourist sim card. In order to make a nice trip here in PeruSIM.  Here are 6 things to do on the plane so you don’t get bored on a journey lasting several hours

1. Reading is your ally

Books and magazines are one of the best pastimes on a plane. A long trip is a perfect occasion to start or finish that book you had pending. Also to catch up on the latest news in your hobbies with magazines that you have been able to buy at the airport duty free.

2. Movies, series or music in the seat 

The modern aircraft used by major airlines for their longest journeys often have individual TV screens at each seat. Airlines offer their passengers the possibility of choosing from a variety of movies, series and even music to combat boredom inside the aircraft.

There is also the possibility of carrying one’s own series, movies and music on devices such as tablets or cell phones. In addition, now, according to the company and the aircraft, you can enjoy this online entertainment thanks to Wi-Fi. No need to download the content before boarding the plane.

3. Surf the Internet if the flight allows it

As we pointed out, depending on the airline chosen to fly -and also the type of aircraft- it will be possible to connect to the Internet thanks to the Wi-Fi network. Sometimes, this access is free for a certain amount of MB consumed and, from then on, they require you to subscribe to one of their Internet packages. On other occasions and also depending on the ticket purchased, the Wi-Fi will always be free or, on the contrary, in order to have access to the company’s W-Fi you will have to pay to start using it.

4. A ride on the plane

Yes, the walks will not be very long, but they are necessary. In addition to clearing your head, it helps the correct blood circulation during the trip and to not feel numb upon arrival, a circumstance that will also help to avoid the dreaded jet lag. 

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5. You should eat and hydrate yourself on a long plane trip.

Among the tips for a long plane trip, do not forget to eat and drink to stay hydrated. Airlines usually offer a dinner, lunch or breakfast menu, depending on the time of travel on transoceanic flights. In addition, at an extra cost, airlines provide passengers with a snack and beverage menu to choose from in case they get hungry or have a craving. There is also the option of carrying certain foods in hand luggage to help combat hunger between meals.

6. Tips for a long plane trip: take the opportunity to sleep during the flight.

One of the most common actions to try to cope with many hours of flight is to sleep. But be careful, take into account the time of arrival at your destination because it is possible that if you sleep for much of the journey, upon arrival you will not feel like going to bed, so your sleep schedule may be affected, favoring you to suffer the syndrome of rapid change of time zone -or jet lag-.

Finally, we know that you have to keep communication with your relatives and friends, that you need to be able to orient yourself in new cities, that you might need help with translation and that you might need to search for restaurants or hotels. That’s why with PeruSIM you can buy a SIM card including the data plan of your need without having to worry about high roaming costs.

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