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There are many things to do in Arequipa! The White City of Peru is not only the base to visit the Colca Canyon, but also has great food and a handful of beautiful tourist sites.

A Unesco World Heritage Site since 2000, we found it beautiful and different from the rest of the country. Quiet and with a small historic center, we believe it is possible to visit it in one day.

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The volcanoes

Arequipa is in the middle of seven volcanoes. The Misti, the Chachani, the Pichu Pichu, the Sabancaya, the Ampato, the Hualca Hualca and the Coropuna. The most important and characteristic for the citizens of Arequipa is the Misti. And for us too, since it is one of the two to which, if you dare and take precautions, you can trek to climb it. The other one is the Chachani.

Climbing the Misti volcano:

All things to do in and around Arequipa – Worldpackers – Misti volcano in Arequipa peru. 

The Misti is the protector of Arequipa. That’s what the locals call it. To be able to climb this natural monster that erupted only 4 times in 500 years (that gives a bit of vertigo and tranquility at the same time to the hike/climb).

How to get there:

You have to hire a tour from the city of Arequipa, or go on your own to the neighboring town of Chiguata, 30Km from Arequipa, or to the Natural Reserve of Aguada Blanca and Salina and from there start doing a “trekking climb”. 

It is important, and they will tell you when you are in the city, that you do not try to do these treks the first days of being in the area, because the body needs to adapt to the altitude. The Misti is 5800 meters above sea level. If you feel like doing it, you should take these precautions.

The whole area of Arequipa has beautiful views. Fields on the mountainside to make you feel like you are inside a living postcard. With the whole city on the slope of this volcano, I am not lying when I write that when you go and see this imposing crater so close to the city, you will be greatly impacted.

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Climbing the Chachani Volcano:

All the things to do in and around Arequipa – Worldpackers – Chachani volcano in Arequipa. 

This is another volcano that can be climbed alone (as long as you know how to do these high-risk activities) or by hiring a tour from Arequipa. The average cost for a two-day tour is 200 US dollars. This is the famous volcano from which sillar is extracted. This volcanic stone that gives color and nickname to the city of Arequipa. 

How to get there:

The Chachani can be climbed by hiking. It is not difficult, but as I said before, you have to take precautions, because of the altitude, lack of oxygen and provisions, since this trekking can be done alone (if you are an experienced adventurer in these matters). You go to the slope of the volcano from Arequipa. And from there one must walk to the base camp, which is at no less than 4900 meters. And from there begin to climb when the characteristics warrant it.

The Colca Canyon:

All things to do in and around Arequipa – Worldpackers – Colca Canyon in Arequipa. 

It is a ravine located in the Colca Valley. An impressive mountain valley on the edge of the Andes which you can walk to a viewpoint. 

The viewpoint of “La Cruz del Condor” which as its name suggests, you can observe the flight of this bird and enjoy a unique view in your life. I do not recommend this trekking to people who suffer from altitude or vertigo, because at certain moments the cliffs take your breath away.

How to get there:

To go one must get to the town of Chivay. It is 30 kilometers from Arequipa and there you can also hire a tour or talk to a villager to tell you how to get there.

Chili River

All the things to do in Arequipa and its surroundings – Worldpackers – Chili River in Peru 

It is a tributary that cuts the city of Arequipa in two. It has springs combined with rocks, regional flora and fauna. Some time ago the flow of this river began to grow, and since then adventure tourism began to have more concurrence. Through its rapids you can do fun rafting that will awaken your adrenaline in a second.

 For this it is necessary to hire them in a tourism company, since it is very necessary to be safe, and take many safety measures such as protection of the body and head, and someone who knows how to maneuver the boat.

National Reserve of Salina and Aguada Blanca

Another of the things to do in Arequipa is to visit this beautiful place. It is a National Park where you will find local fauna. The famous llamas and alpacas. The South American “Bambi”. A camelid of the region that is known for generating with its fur one of the best wool in the world. This National Park has in its interior the Salinas Luicho. A salty lagoon that unfortunately can only be visited when it has enough water.

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