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The ‘Peru’ brand has become a globally recognized symbol, representing the cultural, historical and natural wealth of this beautiful South American country. 

Through a solid and focused strategy, Peru has managed to position its brand in various international markets, generating a significant impact on economic growth and tourism. 

In this article, we will explore the importance of the ‘Peru’ brand, its ambassadors, how it was created, the pillars on which it is based, awards and recognitions obtained, and its contribution to the country’s development.

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The ‘Peru’ Brand

The executive president of Promperu said that, in the Peruvian case, our brand is presented to the world as a tourist destination rich in history, a cultural and ancestral brand. “This is how we are known around the world.

However, Peru has much more to offer. “We have many other aspects that are vital for the image of a growing nation, a vibrant country, with opportunities, both for tourism and for investment, exports and gastronomy,” said Carbajal.

But, how was the Peru Brand born? The official said that, in 2009, the decision was made to work professionally on the development of a national brand covering three fundamental areas: tourism, exports and investments.

“This work was carried out in stages, hand in hand with professionals specialized in brand creation, following the scopes validated with different types of tools such as surveys, focus groups, among others,” she explained.

He added that the Peru Brand was presented to the world on March 10, 2011. “Our brand celebrated 10 years of existence, which may seem few, but when we analyze this investment in time and effort, we believe that it was all worth it,” he said.

In the case of tourism, he explained, the Peru Brand seeks to communicate those unforgettable experiences that are generated when touring the most diverse routes of our country and, in this way, positively influence the increase in the flow of tourists.

“In the case of exports, the brand shares with the world the unique quality of Peruvian goods that generate great demand in international markets. In addition, it highlights products that provide great differential value such as alpaca, specialty coffees, pisco, superfoods, among many other export products,” said the official.

In relation to investments, she said, the Peru Brand contributes with the communication that our country is open to capital and projects from all over the world.

“This vision is shared with a projection towards the future. This allows us to project ourselves as a connected and interconnected country, as an international hub that connects our region with the rest of the world and a country where the development of many businesses is fundamental,” she said.


Since 2011, Promperu, in close coordination with the actors of the foreign trade and tourism sector, has carried out different promotional actions, which have contributed to the positioning of Peru in different international markets.

The executive president of Promperu said that the Peru Brand is currently protected locally in the 45 classes of the international classification of products and services, as well as in 40 countries around the world. “This protection allows us to differentiate ourselves from other countries and gives us a unique identity,” said Carbajal.

Ambassadors of the ‘Peru’ Brand:

The ‘Peru’ brand has had valuable ambassadors who have played a fundamental role in its promotion and dissemination. These ambassadors can be prominent personalities, artists, athletes or even ordinary citizens who are proud of their country and promote Peru’s values and attractions in different areas.

Many Peruvian chefs have been ambassadors of Peruvian gastronomy, such as Gastón Acurio, Virgilio Martínez and Pía León, who have taken Peruvian cuisine to the top of the world culinary scene. 

In addition, personalities such as Mario Vargas Llosa, renowned writer and Nobel Prize for Literature, have contributed to the dissemination of Peruvian culture and literature around the world.

Creation of the ‘Peru’ brand

The creation of the ‘Peru’ brand was the result of a comprehensive strategy driven by the government and private entities. Extensive research and studies were carried out to identify the country’s distinctive and attractive elements, such as its cultural heritage, diverse landscapes, rich history and unique cuisine.

Based on these findings, the pillars of the ‘Peru’ brand were established, focusing on four key aspects:

Culture and Heritage

Peru is known for its cultural and archaeological legacy, such as Machu Picchu, the Nazca lines and the ancient civilizations that inhabited the country. Peruvian culture is diverse and vibrant, with a rich heritage that is reflected in its art, music, dances and traditions.

Nature and Landscapes

From the Pacific coast to the Andes Mountains and the Amazon jungle, Peru offers an impressive variety of landscapes. Towering mountains, fertile valleys, white sandy beaches and a rich biodiversity make Peru a unique destination for nature and ecotourism lovers.


Peruvian cuisine has gained worldwide recognition for its diversity, unique flavors and innovative culinary techniques. Emblematic dishes such as ceviche, lomo saltado and aji de gallina have conquered international palates, making Peru a top gastronomic destination. 

The fusion of local ingredients, the influence of pre-Hispanic cultures and the creativity of Peruvian chefs have positioned Peruvian gastronomy as one of the most outstanding worldwide.

Adventure and Tourism

Peru offers a wide range of activities and destinations for adventure and active tourism lovers. From hiking in the Andes, surfing on the Pacific coast, to exploring the Amazon rainforest and the unique experience of visiting archaeological sites, Peru has something for every type of traveler.

Awards and Recognition

The ‘Peru’ brand has been recognized and awarded internationally, highlighting the success of its promotion and positioning efforts. Some of the most outstanding recognitions include:

Best Culinary Destination

Peru has been repeatedly awarded as the world’s best culinary destination at the prestigious World Travel Awards.

Leading Tourist Destination in South America

 In several editions of the World Travel Awards, Peru has been recognized as the leading tourist destination in South America, highlighting its diverse and attractive offer.

Contribution to the Country’s Development

The ‘Peru’ brand has had a significant impact on the country’s economic and tourism development. The growth of tourism has generated employment, promoted investment in infrastructure and contributed to the development of local communities.

In addition, the promotion of Peruvian culture and gastronomy has boosted national pride and strengthened the country’s cultural identity. The ‘Peru’ brand has positioned Peru as a desired destination and has attracted the attention of investors, entrepreneurs and travelers from around the world.

Symbol in the CAN

The countries of the Andean Community (CAN): Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, have a specific common regime for the protection of country trademarks, making the CAN a pioneer in the world as the first integration bloc with such a norm.

The Commission of the Andean Community approved a supranational and mandatory regime to protect these signs of state used to promote, among other aspects, the image, tourism, culture, gastronomy, national production, exports and investments of the countries.

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