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As the American photographer Chase Jarvis once said: “The best camera is the one you carry with you”. The one in our cell phone offers more and more features and better quality and, more importantly, it accompanies us wherever we go. If you have your vacations ahead of you, what better tool to immortalize them than a camera that you always have at hand? To do so, we recommend that you follow these tips to squeeze the potential of your cell phone camera and take the best photos of your vacation.

In order to upload photos to Facebook, Instagram or VK, you need a mobile phone plan. That’s why you may need to use one of our mobile phone plans for tourists to avoid high roaming costs. In order to make a nice trip, here in PeruSIM, we show you these 10 tips to take better photos of your travels with your cell phone.

1. Before you start

Surely more than once you\’ve missed the opportunity to take a spontaneous photo because you don\’t have available storage on your phone or because your battery has run out. To avoid this, just be a little proactive: empty your phone\’s memory before you start your trip and always carry a portable battery charger with you.

2. The light

Your phone\’s camera will do its best in open spaces and natural light. Take advantage of the magic hours of the day, just after sunrise and just before sunset, when lighting conditions are optimal. At night or in dark environments, cell phones do not take their best pictures, but you can still improve them if you use a tripod to stabilize the shots.


3. Framing

Take a few seconds to think about the elements you really want in your photo: the screen of your phone is perfect for this as it allows you to preview the result. Most phones offer to activate the grid option that divides the screen into nine parts and that will be especially useful to play with the composition: it will be more balanced if you place the points of interest at the intersections between the lines.

4. Move to

Experiment with angles and points of view beyond the monotonous frontal shots. If you\’re shooting children, why not try getting down to their level? Shoot scenes from above, from below, use perspective to manipulate the scene, play with geometric lines?

5. Get closer

The optical zoom offered by cell phones is very limited and before using the digital zoom or taking an image that you will have to crop later (which will mean losing even more quality), it is best to get close enough to what you want to photograph. Consider to be careful if you’re on high ground.

6. Your best profile

If you want to take a selfie or selfie alone or in company, it is best to use the rear camera and not the front camera, which generally has a worse lens. Also, you will look better if you place the camera slightly above your eyes and turn your face a little bit. Don\’t forget to smile!

7. Edit

You can download editing applications (some of the most popular are Lightroom, VSCO or Pixlr), although most terminals include some simple editing software as standard. Just don\’t overuse adjustments or filters or you will lose naturalness.

8. Don\’t forget to delete

It is not very useful to store hundreds of similar photos on your cell phone or on your hard drives. Set aside some time every day to select and sort your best photos before the volume of files becomes unmanageable.

9. Get inspired

The easiest way to educate your aesthetic taste in photography is to continually expose yourself to the work of other photographers, whether professional or amateur. Search for the best profiles on social networks and collect the best ideas and then put them into practice.


10. Compare your progress

One of the best ways to motivate yourself in any activity is to observe your progress. From time to time, go through your archive and compare the pictures you took a few years ago with the ones you are taking now. Not only will it bring back good memories, but you\’ll realize how much you\’ve improved through practice.

Finally, we know that you have to upload photos of the places to visit, also you’ll need to be able to orient yourself in new cities, that you might need help with translation and that you might need to search for restaurants or hotels. That’s why with PeruSIM you can buy a SIM card including the data plan of your need without having to worry about high roaming costs.