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Tacna is preparing for a new patriotic milestone. On the imposing Intiorko hill, the construction of a tourist viewpoint is planned that will house the largest flag of Peru.

In a charming and diverse region that stretches between the majesty of the coast and the imposing mountains of the Andes, is a place that captivates the senses and nourishes the spirit. Tacna, a hidden treasure, shines with its rich history, revealing monuments that whisper the secrets of the past, cave paintings that evoke forgotten times and petroglyphs that tell millenary stories.

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Its true essence is revealed in its people and the unwavering love they feel for their land. Known as “The Heroic City”, its streets breathe patriotism and brim with a pride that transcends time. A little less than a century ago, in 1929, it returned to its rightful place, Peruvian territory, after the signing of the Treaty of Lima. This event filled with joy the hearts of its inhabitants, who never forgot their roots and fought tirelessly for their identity.

New tourist viewpoint with the largest Peruvian flag projected

On the imposing Intiorko hill, in the region of Tacna, a patriotic feat will be raised: the largest Peruvian flag will fly proudly. In a joint effort, the regional governor, Luis Torres Robledo, and the head of the GRT Studies office, Eduardo Sanchez Vildoso, presented the preliminary project of a tourist viewpoint that will house this impressive national symbol.

Sánchez Vildoso emphasized the importance of this milestone, highlighting that the project seeks to enhance the value of our national flag and strengthen the sense of unity among Peruvians.

For his part, Governor Luis Torres highlighted the transcendence of this initiative, as it will become an emblematic place that will foster patriotism and leave a civic legacy for future generations. Tacna, known as the city of the flag, aspires to consolidate itself as a first class tourist destination, and this new viewpoint will play a fundamental role in boosting the local economy and promoting tourism, both nationally and internationally.

What is known about the project?

It encompasses several stages, including the “Quebrada del diablo”, a legend that will enrich the visitors’ experience, as well as an intermediate platform to contemplate the city, binoculars to enjoy panoramic views, restrooms and a wind or solar energy system to promote sustainability.

The largest flag of Peru on the Intiorko hill will be an imposing testimony of the greatness and love for our nation. It will stand as a meeting point for those who wish to contemplate the beauty of Tacna and pay homage to our patriotic symbols. We invite all Peruvians and tourists to visit this emblematic place and witness the majesty of the flag flying at the top, while admiring the greatness of the city and exalting the spirit of our nation.

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