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Where to go sightseeing near Lima?

Maybe you’re having a short trip in Peru, or maybe you visit this country just for business. Now you want to visit some interesting places. If you want to get out of the city without having to go too far, we have some options of tourist places near Lima that you can learn about.

While you are traveling to Peru you may need to keep communication or a translation app. That’s why you may need to use one of our mobile phone plans for tourists to avoid high roaming costs. In order to make a nice trip here in PeruSIM, we will show you 9 places to visit near Lima.

1. Lunahuaná:

It is located just two and a half hours from the city of Lima and is a perfect destination to go with your family or friends for an afternoon or full day of pure fun. In Lunahuaná you can do different sports activities such as: canopy, canoeing in the Cañete river (the most requested adventure sport by visitors), ATV riding, etc. Don’t forget to enjoy the gastronomy when you go and also visit the nearby vineyards. The best season to visit Lunahuaná is between May and December.

2. Caral:

city caral

The sacred city of Caral-Supe is located in Barranca, two hours and forty minutes from Lima. To get there you can take a bus north or you can go by private car. Due to its impressive 5,000 years of antiquity, it is the oldest manifestation of civilization in the American continent. It is comprised of 32 monumental buildings, including ceremonial temples, residential sectors, production workshops and more. Caral led a system of 17 similar but smaller sites also located in the Supe valley. To learn more about this incredible tourist site, check out our note of curiosities about Caral.

3. Hills of Asia:

If you want to go trekking and be in contact with nature, escape to the Lomas de Asia! Located just an hour and a half from Lima, at km 101 of the Panamerican Highway South, this green paradise offers spectacular views. You can arrive by bus or private car, just remember that you must pay S/.5 soles to enter. In its 8 routes, there are many different species of plants, as well as birds, viscachas and if you are lucky, you can also see the coastal fox.


If you want to visit a town like something out of a fairy tale, we invite you to go to Antioquia. Only 4 hours from Lima, you can find this picturesque district in the province of Huarochiri, which can be reached by bus or private car (it is recommended that it is a car prepared for unpaved roads). This place is famous for the colorful decoration of its houses, with drawings of animals and flowers on their facades. You can take a walk through its streets and observe the scenery from its viewpoint, worthy of a photo shoot! Learn more about this destination in our article about the charm of Antioquia.

5. Catahuasi and Tupe: 

it is the linking and departure center to the town of Cachuy and to the district of Tupe, a unique town that seems to have stopped in time, where the ancestral Jaqaru language is still spoken.

6. San Vicente de Azpitia:

san vicente azpitia

Popularly known as the Balcony of the Sky, it is a destination that offers an incredible view of the Mala River valley, with its hundreds of fruit trees that grow all year round thanks to the dry climate and the sun that seems eternal in this area. To reach this destination you must drive for an hour and a half from Lima to kilometer 80 of the Panamerican Highway South, then take a detour to the district of Santa Cruz de Flores.

7. Huaral:

A beautiful and fertile valley that in its surroundings has several attractions such as the impressive archaeological complex Rúpac or the “Machu Picchu of the Coast”. There is also the Castle of Chancay, to enter you must pay S / 20, and in the case of children S / 10.

8. Churin:

Is surrounded by beautiful mountain landscapes, is known for its hot springs with medicinal properties that come from the depths of the earth.

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