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Traveler, are you in Lima and want to know how to spend the long holiday without spending too much? Then stay tuned to this article! Because this time we bring you a tour around the capital, dedicated to one of the most venerated and beloved saints of Peru: Isabel Flores de Oliva, our beloved Saint Rose of Lima.

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Sanctuary of Santa Rosa de Lima

Located in the first block of Tacna Avenue, in the Cercado de Lima, is the place where Santa Rosa de Lima was born and lived and is considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 1991. It is a beautiful religious complex with temple and monastery, and a must for all those who want to know more about the saint from Lima. Here visitors can see the hermitage she used to pray, the room where she cured the sick, as well as countless works of art inspired by her life and the Catholic faith.

On the left side of the sanctuary is located the Garden of Santa Rosa, a beautiful and cozy space where you can see the famous wishing well where every August 30, visitors leave a letter asking for their most important and urgent wishes. Would you dare to put your letter?

How much does it cost to enter?

Admission to the Sanctuary of Santa Rosa de Lima is completely free and is accessible to the public of all ages. In its facilities, there is no parking, but since it is in the center of Lima, you can find many options of parking lots in the surroundings.

Church and Museum of the Convent of Santo Domingo – Sanctuary of Peruvian Saints

Another important point in the life of the saint is the Basilica and Convent of Santo Domingo, where her remains and those of two other beloved saints currently rest: St. Martin de Porres and St. John Macias. This place is famous not only for its religious value, but also for having been the first home of the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, which began to operate in its historic chapter house in the sixteenth century. In the visit, which lasts about three hours, you can see the beautiful cloister covered with tiles, made in the seventeenth century, the tombs of the saints already mentioned, a chapel dedicated to San Martin de Porres and another to Santa Rosa de Lima.

You can also see the old library with about 25 000 volumes of books, finally, you can climb the bell tower, from where you can have a privileged view of downtown Lima (note that there are age restrictions to enter). The address of the church is jirón Camaná 170, Cercado de Lima. Come and visit this unforgettable tour!

How much does it cost to enter the Museum of the Convent of Santo Domingo?

While admission to the church is free, admission to the museum has the following prices:

  • General: S/ 10.00
  • University: S/ 5.00
  • School: S/ 1.00

Is it possible to go with children to the Museum of the Convent of Santo Domingo?

Children have access to the second floor of the museum, but to climb the tower – where the highest bell tower in Lima is located – access is restricted to those over 18 years of age (by Civil Defense).

If you come with an adult, keep in mind that the climb to this part of the museum is fairly long and through a steep staircase, so it is advisable to have a favorable physical condition.

It is worth mentioning that the precinct does not have a parking lot, but you can find several parking options in the surroundings of the Historic Center (non-pedestrianized areas).

Santa Rosa de Quives Sanctuary

Two hours from Lima, in the sunny province of Canta, is the district of Santa Rosa de Quives. Here is the house where Isabel Flores de Oliva spent her adolescence and where she began her devotion and penance. When visiting it, you can also visit a wishing well where, like the one located in the Sanctuary of Santa Rosa in the Cercado de Lima, you can leave the desires that you wish the saint to help you achieve.

Here you will also find the church where Isabel Flores de Oliva was confirmed by Bishop Toribio de Mogrovejo, who later also became a saint, thus constituting the second point of visit to honor Santa Rosa de Lima.

How much does admission cost?

Admission to this sanctuary is totally free. So, take advantage and visit it with your family! Both children and seniors will have a great day learning more about Saint Rose of Lima in this peaceful and historic place.

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