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Five places to visit in Chiclayo

One of the most culturally rich regions in Peru is the department of Lambayeque, located in the northeast of the nation. Here we tell you about some places to visit in Chiclayo, its capital city, full of activities for locals and visitors alike. What to see in Chiclayo? There are many places to visit in Chiclayo.

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1. Fun with salt and Pimentel

Chiclayo is located on the Peruvian coast and there is one of the most visited beaches in northern Peru, the Balneario de Pimentel, in the district of the same name. This beach is ideal for the enjoyment of the whole family, because it has activities for children and adults.

It is also one of the favorite destinations for surfers. It is not strange to see dozens of them going up each of the incredible waves with their boards. In addition, it has a boardwalk where the typical Peruvian seafood establishments reign, such as ceviche or fish jelly. The long pier is ideal for a leisurely stroll and watch boats set sail. Some of them are for rent, do you dare to go to sea?

2. Puerto Etén, entertainment on land and sea

Continuing with the Chiclayo beach complex, there is Puerto Etén. Almost six and a half kilometers long, this shore allows the practice of other types of sports, both land and coastal. It is another place to visit in Chiclayo.

While one member of the family enjoys the tranquility of sport fishing from the 30-meter long pier, another can sunbathe on the seashore, and the little ones have fun with so many activities in the area. Jet skis and scuba diving are two of the sports they can enjoy in the waters of the Pacific Ocean, while on land, beach soccer, volleyball and ATVs are the favorite options to enjoy the day.

3. Dazzled by the Lord of Sipan

lord of sipan

Recognized as one of the archaeological discoveries of the 20th century, the tomb of the Lord of Sipan, located on the outskirts of the city, is one of the must-see places in Chiclayo. Right where the remains of the tomb, which dates back to the Mochica culture, were rescued, the modern and imposing museum was built that today allows locals and tourists to learn more about Peru’s most ancient civilizations.

Discovered in 1987, the tomb of the Lord of Sipan brought new light to the Peruvian archaeological movement, as its almost intact state allowed a deeper understanding of one of the least known pre-Inca cultures. In a macro-exhibition, you can see up close all the objects found in the tomb of one of the rulers of the time. There is gold jewelry, royal ornaments and emblems with semi-precious stones. You can also see firsthand the mortuary site where, curiously, the body of the leader and two women, a guard, a priest, a dog and a llama were found.

4. Arts and crafts in Monsefu

Traditions are extremely important for Peruvians, and this is demonstrated by the community of Monsefu, a district southwest of Chiclayo. There you will find the Mercado de Artesanías, where you can see and purchase an endless number of objects related to both national and local culture. The master artisans still preserve what they have learned generation after generation, inherited directly from the Moche culture. Charangos, ponchos, embroidered cloaks, and other handicrafts fill the place with color.

Touring the market is to soak up a little more of Peru, as well as tasting the various typical sweets that are also sold in the surrounding shops. You cannot visit Monsefu without tasting its famous picarones, a delicacy known nationally, but very well known in the town of Lambayeque.

5. Touch the sky at the Pyramids of Túcume

pyramids tucume

Finally, a site a little far away but well worth the trip is the Pyramids of Tucume. These archaeological remains allow you to enter a complete settlement of the Moche culture, from the ancient kingdom of Lambayeque, dating back to pre-Hispanic times. It is a series of 26 pyramids, of which the tallest reaches 450 meters.

Known by the locals as “El Purgatorio” (The Purgatory), the park allows all visitors to take a tour to see up close and even climb some of the pyramids. This place is a must see in Chiclayo, as well as a memorable date with history.

Everywhere you look, Chiclayo is a standard bearer in national culture. Its different attractions allow the family to spend valuable moments. Remember that it can be your best option to request trips to those beautiful beaches, pyramids or whatever you want to see in Chiclayo, the attractions of this city are endless!

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