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This paradisiacal destination with turquoise waters and white sand offers a dream experience if you do not have much time to relax and live in the Peruvian capital.

Enjoy yourself in the middle of the sea! Peru is a country with a wide cultural, gastronomic and geographical diversity, which has allowed it to position itself as one of the best tourist destinations worldwide. Its goodness not only fascinates foreign tourists, but also Peruvians themselves, who never cease to be surprised by the landscapes that this land has to offer.

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One of Peru’s best kept treasures is El Camotal Island, also called the Peruvian Australia, due to its similarity to islands of this remote country such as the Great Barrier Reef. However, in recent years, it has been baptized as the Peruvian Atlantis, since in a period of history, this islet was attached to Callao and had thousands of inhabitants, but the earthquake of 1746 did not separate this piece of land and submerged it for a while.

If you want to know a relaxing place and also full of history, here are all the details about this paradise in the middle of the sea.

How to get to ‘Peruvian Australia’?

To get to El Camotal, you must first arrive at the pier of La Punta, in Callao. If you live in Lima, you can take a bus from downtown Lima and, in 40 minutes, get to the constitutional province. Taking this information into account, it is necessary to know that, given the geographical location of El Camotal Island, there are several means of transportation that you can board – such as boats, launches, sailboats, among others – from the Cantolao beach or, a few meters away, the La Punta pier. Many of these transports require reservations, while others can be boarded on a first-come, first-served basis, according to weather conditions.

How much does it cost to get to El Camotal Island?

The budget to be used is subject to the taste of each visitor. There are launches and boats that, starting at S/15, can take you on a round trip tour. Now, if you want to rest on this island and enjoy its waters, some companies offer packages that cost around S/160 and have an approximate duration of 4 hours, including trips in sailboats, kayaks, paddle, life jackets, among other implements.

Why is it called El Camotal?

This tourist attraction, which for many is shaped like a whale’s back, owes its name to the fact that -according to historians- this land was an important agricultural area where large quantities of sweet potato were harvested.

Also, part of the land to which it was attached was part of the other estate, Oquendo, where the Jorge Chavez Airport is currently located.

When is the best time to visit El Camotal?

Due to its geographic location, El Camotal has specific dates when it can be visited. For example, inhabitants and workers in the surrounding area recommend visiting in summer, on days when the tide is low, in order to be able to contemplate it in all its splendor and enjoy it for a longer period of time.

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