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We started the year with good news about the state of biodiversity in the country. The National Service of Natural Areas Protected by the State (Sernanp) reported that Peru became the world leader with the greatest diversity of birds on the planet, with a total of 1879 species. 

The official register was published in a special edition of the Bulletin of the Peruvian Ornithologists Union. Of the total number of birds, 19 new species are included in the official list of Peruvian birds.

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The announcement was made official through a press conference at the Los Pantanos de Villa Wildlife Refuge.Authorities such as the Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Juan Carlos Mathews; the Vice Minister of Strategic Development of Natural Resources of the Ministry of Environment, Mariela Canepa; the head of Sernanp, José Carlos Nieto Navarrete; and the president of the Union of Ornithologists of Peru (UNOP) and Member of the Peruvian Bird Records Committee, Fernando Angulo Pratolongo, participated.

Minister Mathews, highlighted the importance of this news for tourism and the positive effects it would generate in the Peruvian economy:

If we talk in numbers, the country’s tourism offer such as bird watching represents about 25% of tourism in Peru, and being number one seems to me super important, and I consider it a space to generate strategic alliances hand in hand with countries like Colombia and Brazil, and not only see us as competitors, but also as strategic allies. 

For his part, the head of Sernanp told Actualidad Ambiental about the efforts being made at the conservation level and the work with the local community.

Tourists who visit our country also do so through the local population.We have different conservation strategies, we work in natural protected areas and we believe that this is the main biological conservation strategy in Peru, due to its 96% conservation status.However, this would not be possible without working closely with the local population, thinking that we are not only taking care of nature, but that it represents an opportunity for development.  

Fernando Angulo Pratolongo, president of UNOP, acknowledged that this work took about a year, and that thanks to the work of several academics, the search for new bird species was initiated, of which there were indications of their existence, but they needed to be recorded and later published in a scientific article.   

Luis Zari, legal specialist of the SPDA’s Forests and Ecosystem Services program, highlighted the importance of this news for Peru. 

This type of news shows that one of our greatest riches continues to be our biodiversity, so we must continue to fight against those activities that threaten natural resources such as hunting or illegal logging and bet on those that promote conservation and recognition of the natural heritage we have.

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