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Cusco, home of the most spectacular landscapes of the country and the world. In the midst of beautiful mountain scenery. Pallay poncho is a colorful mountain that for its sensational shape and the harmony of its landscape with the Langui-Layo lagoon has won visitors in a very short time. In the following lines we tell you how to get to the mountain of Pallay poncho of Apu tacllo from Cusco.

First of all, we put in your knowledge that at the moment there are two routes enabled for the access to the Pallay Poncho de Apu Tacllo Mountain. The first is through the District of Layo and the other is through the town of Occobamba. You can do it on your own or with a travel agency, of course the last word is up to you. That said, let’s begin.

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How to get to the Pallay Punchu Mountain of Apu Tacllo from Cusco on your own?

Route 1: Cusco – Sicuani – Layo

Due to its location, just over 194 kilometers from the city of Cusco, you must take a bus to Sicuani from the city of Cuzco (3 hours away). The fare is 10 soles. Once there, you have to take a bus to the district of Layo (1 hour away), where the hike begins. The hike to get to Pallay Poncho de Apu Tacllo Mountain by the Layo route is about 4 hours round trip. The ascent is difficult but worth it.

Route 2: Cusco – Sicuani – Occobamba

If you are thinking of arriving by this route, now that you know how to get to the town of Sicuani. From there you can take buses that go to Marangani – la Raya. But first let the driver know that you will get off in the town of Occobamba, the beginning of the hike to Pallay poncho. At this point follow the signs and on the right hand side the road will take you for 05 KM with gradual ascent.

The hike begins at 3720 meters above sea level. You enter through a road that goes up a high Andean ravine. Take into account the unevenness of the walk, it is of 1000 meters until arriving to the mountain of pallay poncho that is to 4700 masl. The ascent can take 04 hours at tourist pace and for descent 03 hours. If you are an experienced mountaineer and you are in good physical condition, you can do it.

To take a walk in the mountains of layo, will allow you a complete view of the Langui-Layo lagoon and obviously the sharp mountains of color. Those cliffs striped with colors and beautiful but be careful up there at 4700 meters above sea level the wind blows strongly. It is better not to get close to the cliffs and wear shoes with good grip on the soles. Always respect the road signs and be careful.

After all this it is time to return and on this route the best place to have lunch is the town of Sicuani, although there are also some country restaurants next to the road to Sicuani. After lunch it is time to return to Cusco City.

How to visit Pallay Punchu de Apu Tacllo with a travel agency?

The advantages of scheduling a hike with a travel agency stand out at first glance because it has a large staff of professional guides who safeguard the integrity of the adventurer throughout the tour, because they take care of even the smallest details, sometimes cumbersome, so that hikers only worry about enjoying throughout the journey and thus enrich the experience to make it indelible.

On the internet or in the city of Cusco there are some travel agencies that offer the 1 day tour to the Pallay Punchu Mountain of Apu Tacllo. The tours include direct transportation to the district of Layo, lunch, entrance fees and tour guides. The tour starts with the pick up of each tourist at the door of their hotel.

The tours for the Pallay Punchu of Apu Tacllo begin in the city of Cusco at dawn (3 or 4 a.m.) and end at night in the same place (7 or 8 p.m.).

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