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4 Most Visited Tourist Places in the Norte Chico of Lima

Once you arrive in Peru we assure you that you will find no reason for boredom. Its people and its land will always invite you to delve into the wonders offered by the whole national territory and even more with the picturesque tourist places in the small north of Lima. Come on! Do not miss these wonderful destinations in northern Lima.

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Lima’s Norte Chico

So, this list is conformed by the city of Huacho, the Castle of Chancay, the Thermal Baths of Churin and the Sacred City of Caral, these are the publications that have more web traffic every time users search for information related to these places in the last 30 days.

In these tourist places of the Norte Chico you will be able to live a unique experience like few others, which you will enjoy to the maximum letting yourself be carried away by its historical beauty, its amusing services and events, also following the diverse indications for the traveler.


city huacho

Its name is a translation of the word “Huaqcha” which in Quechua language translates as “Orphan”, as multiple pre-Hispanic legends assign this characteristic in ancient times.

The city is crossed by the famous 28 de Julio Avenue, a place from which you can find yourself face to face with the most varied cosmopolitan culture.

Among its main tourist attractions in Huacho, are: the Pampa Colorada Lagoon, the rock pier, the widely recognized main square and the famous Balcony of Huaura, where on November 27th the great general Don Jose de San Martin proclaimed the independence of Peru during the course of 1820.

Chancay Castle

In the whole country there is no other place to know the history of Peru like this one. A site of 220 meters of extension that has a total of more than 250 rooms.

It was built in 1924 by the lady Consuelo Amat y León Rolando, who had the support of countless masons of her time, and she was responsible for the great task of designing the plans.

Today, this castle is frequented by an innumerable tide of tourists who choose it as their best weekend pastime.

To get there you only have to go to kilometer 82 of the Panamerican Highway North; once there you can enjoy a beautiful location suitable for fun, artistic, games and various forms of recreation.

Thermal Baths of Churin

Five hours from the city of Lima, you will be able to find the province of Oyón, which serves as a seat for the well-known hot springs of Churin, a network of thermal medicinal springs with a total of 30 locations.

At the beginning of the tour you can visit the Baths of Youth, followed by the Mysterious Tongue and the Zambo Massager. Each one of them with special sites adapted for swimming and recreation with temperatures that always reach over 30ºC.

What makes this place really special is the presence of high concentrations of lithium, an element capable of producing a positive effect on the joint system, and therefore a greater sense of relaxation in the brain.

Sacred City of Caral

norte chico caral

Finally, to prove that Peru will always be a magical place and entirely worthy of admiration, the famous temples and locations of the ancient Caral civilization come to face us.

Declared a cultural heritage site in 2009, this city is 5000 years old, and comprises 66 areas of land divided into a central and peripheral zone that serves as a seat for structures such as the Sacred Fire Altar, the Amphitheater Temple and a network of special services.

The beauty of its buildings reveals the importance of one of the oldest cultures on the planet, comparable to the Egyptian or Chinese civilizations.

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