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Peruvian music is highly valued in the country and the world due to its richness of sounds. In them is expressed the history and miscegenation of Peru. Today, in redBus we show you the main characteristics of Peruvian music and 7 songs for you to start listening to or remember them with your family and friends.

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Beginnings of Peruvian music

Music in the pre-Inca era was closely linked to the expression of people’s moods. It is said that it was used in religious celebrations or rituals, such as the worship of gods or rites for the death of a member of the community.

Experts say that Peruvian music began to be created with the Nazca culture. This is due to the fact that several musical instruments that were used at that time could be found. Among these instruments are: drums, bombos and quenas.

In the time of the Tahuantinsuyo, the Incas gave more importance to music in their daily life. It is known that in Inca times there were different types of music. War music, agricultural music, love music and funeral music.

Peruvian music and its first fusions

Music in our country had its first fusions with the arrival of the Spaniards. It evolved according to the most emblematic events. It is said that musicians were always in an important place every time the Spaniards, for example, raised a town or created some work.

The first instruments that began to take notoriety were the wind and percussion instruments such as the antara or the quena. This music was played, especially in religious events, be it processions or the funeral of a person.

On the other hand, the music of the African slaves is considered the second influence of Peruvian music. This group had the habit of making music and practicing dance. It was common for them to create rhythms with instruments. In Peru, the cajon was created, this instrument was a substitute for the African drums, which were very popular for them.

Types of Peruvian music

Peru is a country that had, since its beginnings, the mixture of many cultures and diverse sectors, such as music, benefited from this mixture. The most famous and recognized types of music in Peru are, for the highlands, the huayno, for the north of the country, the marinera and, for the Peruvian coast, the waltz, the festejo and the tondero.

The Peruvian waltz

This type of music was created from the beginnings of the viceroyalty of Peru, it is said that with greater force in the city of Lima. At the time of the Republic already had more instruments that helped the rhythm of this rhythm, to say one, the guitar.

With the sound of this instrument, groups were formed in the parks or small squares of those times and the jaranas began.

The huayno

The huayno was created in the highlands of Peru, born as the first expressions of the people who made up the indigenous peoples. Later, instruments were added that helped to create a better melody.

This music could be differentiated from the others due to the quena. It is said that the huayno has a series of characteristics, which can be differentiated according to the place of origin.

The marinera

The beginnings of this type of dance have their origin in the zamacueca. The zamacueca is a style of music where it is danced by a single couple. The representation of the dance is based on the love affair of a woman with a man.

The marinera evokes themes of country life and agricultural work, and evidences the influence of Spanish dances, which had the guitar as the main instrument. In addition, this typical dance has African influence due to the relationship of music, dance and traditions.

Next, we show you 7 songs of Peruvian music that are a cultural pride due to their sonorous beauty and historical value.

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