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Lima will once again have a direct flight to London. On August 16, Latam Airlines Peru announced that as from December 1 it will start the direct route to the British city, with five weekly frequencies and a capacity of 300 passengers in a Boeing 789 aircraft.

This decision will generate a positive impact on the country and tourism, with the arrival of people from different countries of the region, said experts consulted by this newspaper.

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Carlos Loayza, general manager of the Peruvian National Chamber of Tourism (Canatur), explained that this direct flight will lead Lima to become a connection between other destinations in Latin America and London, generating a great influx of travelers in the Peruvian city.

In addition, Loayza estimated that the influx generated by this direct route will be 1,500 passengers per week, which would mean more than 60,000 passengers per year. He specified that this projected growth may increase as the five weekly flights may be increased.

For his part, Juan Stoessel, CEO of Casa Andina, pointed out that the United Kingdom is a “great client” of South America and Peru, and that this direct flight will boost the market for flights to Peru. He added that with this direct flight, London becomes a new channel of connections between different cities in Europe, especially the northern area, and Lima.


With the direct flight it will be possible to develop the tourism market between Peru and the United Kingdom, considered Loayza, taking advantage not only of the historical and cultural heritage destinations, but also of bird watching or ‘brid watching’.

Other tourism that will benefit from this direct route is gastronomic tourism, he said. In that sense, Ricardo Acosta, president of the Peruvian Association of Travel Agencies (Apavit), considered that more tourism promotions can be carried out to attract more English citizens with attractions such as the Central restaurant, chosen as the best in the world by The World’s 50 Best in 2023.

Another segment to be attracted is corporate or business passengers, Stoessel maintained. “The United Kingdom has a lot of investment in Peru, so we will also have a percentage of business people who will use this route. It automatically benefits the hotels,” he added.

In this sense, the general manager of Canatur added that this decision by Latam can also reactivate commercial activities between the United Kingdom and Peru.

As Stoessel mentioned, direct flights between Lima and London will take 12 hours, while trips with stopovers can increase this amount of time by an additional 4 or 5 hours. Therefore, people, whether they are traveling for work or vacation, are looking for a direct flight, he added.

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