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Know more about Mancora

It is proven that traveling to fabulous places, generates peace of mind in people, is a great motivation and also gives the possibility to learn about new cultures, landscapes and climates.

Mancora is a small coastal town located in northern Peru that attracts tourists from all over the world, especially those who love nature and waves. During the day, the beaches of Mancora are a natural attraction, full of fun and relaxation in all its spaces. However, at night, this city transforms into a place full of music and dance, thanks to its night spots and fabulous restaurants.

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Where is Mancora?

Mancora is located in the Piura region, in northwestern Peru. It is a place you should visit if you want to enjoy unique natural scenery and if at the same time, you are looking to socialize and take the vacation of a lifetime.

Mancora is only 15 minutes away from Los Organos beach, a beautiful beach with white sand beaches and clear waters, as well as 10 minutes away from Vichayito, a beach south of Mancora, much quieter and less crowded than Mancora.

Surfing in Mancora

Mancora is also an attraction for surfers, because there are always waves of considerable size. Excellent for beginners and advanced surfers, there are waves for everyone and the water temperature is always pleasant.

Although this varies depending on the season or time of year you go. For example, the season of good waves is from October to March, even so there are always waves in Mancora around the whole year.

Weather in Mancora

One of the great advantages of the town of Mancora is its sunny weather every day of the year. It has an average humidity of 60% and there is almost always no rain, so people can enjoy the beach days without any problem. The average temperature in Mancora is 25°c and in summer it reaches 30°c.

In addition to the town and the beach of Mancora, there are other beaches nearby, where you can enjoy sports such as surfing and kitesurfing. We have Los Órganos 15 minutes away, Vichayito 10 minutes away and Lobitos 45 minutes away.

The nights are a little cool, depending on the season of the year and the sea temperature also varies. Experts say that the best time to visit Mancora is between January and February.

How to get to Mancora?

There are different ways to get to Mancora, however, the easiest way is to take a flight. The closest airports are in Piura, Talara and Tumbes.

The fastest option would be to go to Talar airport which is only 45 minutes away from Mancora.

If you take an international flight, you will have to make a stopover in Lima, but do not worry about the time, from the capital to the airports of Piura or Tumbes, it is only 2 hours.

You can also opt for a bus, however the trip from Lima is approximately 18 hours.

If you go by car, you should know that the traffic is quite calm, but the duration of the trip will be about 15 hours.

Beach Houses in Mancora

In Mancora, you can get some fabulous all-inclusive beach houses for you and your family to enjoy your visit to this area.

We have at your disposal beach houses of different categories and lodging services, so you only have to worry about enjoying the sun and a good drink.


Vichayito is located between the beaches of Pocitas and Los Organos. This sector is very quiet and its beach is great for a good swim, as you will not find rocks or wild waves.

Restaurants in Mancora

The gastronomy in Mancora is formidable and therefore you will find restaurants that offer fish and seafood of excellent quality.

But not everything is seafood, in Mancora restaurants you can also enjoy typical Peruvian food and gourmet food for the most demanding.

What to do in Mancora?

If you are looking for things to do in Mancora, there are many options and activities to entertain and have fun with your family or couple. First of all, you have the option of touring the surrounding mangroves of Tumbes by renting a tour, so you will discover animal species typical of Peru.

You will also notice that in Mancora Piura, there is a kind of market, where handicrafts, jewelry and handmade clothes are sold, perfect for gifts or to keep as souvenirs. In Mancora it will be inevitable to go out and want to buy everything.

You can also visit the beaches in Mancora, to practice the sports mentioned above and, for example, in El Ñuro Beach, 20 minutes from Mancora, diving among marine animals is a very popular activity, you can run into sea turtles, dolphins and even sea lions.

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