How to improve your Android battery life

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How to improve your Android battery life

In a few years we will remember with nostalgia how short the battery life of today\’s phones is. Charging them every day will be a thing of the past, a memory that will be hard to imagine, like when young people today see a phone with a dialing disk or when you explain to them that in the past, if someone called home, the Internet connection was cut off.

Manufacturers are aware of this. On this occasion, Google itself gives some recommendations to make your Android phone last a little longer. Regardless of whether the manufacturer is Huawei, Samsung, OPPO or Xiaomi, the following tricks from Google will extend your battery life by simply making some changes to Android.

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Settings that improve your battery life


If you find that your battery life is too short, there are several options you can change in the Android settings. Google itself gives us a list that you can follow in detail or adapt to your needs or preferences.

First, let the screen turn off sooner. It also helps to reduce the brightness and let it adjust automatically. This is for the screen.

More settings to change. Disable the keyboard sound. It is annoying and consumes battery. It is also advisable to disable the vibration.

Power saving mode

To make it easy for you, Android has been incorporating automatisms focused on extending the battery. To do this, by activating the battery saving mode, you will make certain functions in the background to freeze and thus only the priority functions will work.

Android battery life

Some manufacturers have their own options, but as a general rule it is usually available in Settings > Battery. From there, you can also view usage statistics, which is very useful to know with which applications you consume more battery.

In the most recent versions of Android, you can activate the saving mode manually or automatically. In automatic mode, it will be activated when it reaches a specific percentage, which can be 5% or 15%.

Charge your phone only as much as necessary

Older phones had to be charged to 100% for optimal lifespan. This is because they were composed of nickel cadmium, components that have memory. So if you charged them to 80%, sooner or later the battery would stay at 80% until the end of its days.

Today, the batteries in virtually any electronic device, including your Android phone, are made of lithium ion. This means, in Google\’s words, that you don\’t need to drain your phone\’s battery completely to recharge it, or charge it to 100%. We recommend that, from time to time, you let the battery reach a level below 10% and then fully charge it overnight.

Always plugged in?

More tricks from Google to extend your smartphone battery. Considering that your phone has several wireless connectivity technologies, it is not necessary that all of them are active at the same time.

I\’m referring to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, geolocation or GPS… Bluetooth is useful for connecting with other devices, but if you\’re not going to use it, turn it off. You will activate it when you need it. If you have mobile data and you\’re on the go, turn off Wi-Fi. Or the other way around, if you have little mobile data and good Wi-Fi, use one and not the other.

Android Settings Networks


As for GPS, make sure that geolocation is limited to the apps in use. Letting apps freely use GPS will make the battery last much less.

Finally, there are several considerations to keep in mind if you want to extend the life of your Android battery. The main one is that if your phone gets hotter, the more battery it will consume. It seems like a no-brainer, but it doesn\’t hurt to remember it.

It also helps to restart your phone from time to time. This way you clean open processes and make it start only what is necessary. And it never hurts to update Android and your apps from time to time.

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