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Peru has a history closely linked to the Catholic religion. As a result of this heritage, numerous churches and temples can be seen in every city or small town in the country. Some have large art collections and precious sculptures inside, while others are distinguished by their beautiful architecture often influenced by the different currents and styles of the time.

Full of a great religious tradition, the city of Lima gathers in its territory a large number of temples, convents and sanctuaries that have been built since its foundation by different orders such as Dominicans, Augustinians, Franciscans, Jesuits, among others. As you can see, one way to learn more about the capital of Peru and its history is through its churches, which keep many secrets inside.

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Now let’s take a brief look on how important these churches are to Lima’s culture influences throughout centuries :

Convent of San Francisco

The Convent of San Francisco is, after the Cathedral of Lima, one of the most representative religious places of the city. This church has an impressive portal that joins the convent and its two churches, called “El Milagro” and “La Soledad”. It is one of the most recognized historical monuments of colonial architecture in Latin America.

Lima Cathedral

A must-see for any tourist visiting Lima. The Cathedral is located in the Plaza de Armas in the Historic Center of Lima. Its construction began on January 18, 1535 and took five years to complete. It has fifteen chapels, one of which houses the remains of Francisco Pizarro.

It is considered one of the most important architectural works of the city and reflects the importance of the Catholic religion in the foundation of Lima.

Its interior has works of art where you can see influences of Renaissance and neoclassical style. The altar and the ceiling are jewels worthy of admiration for the mixture of these styles. A striking fact about the cathedral is that inside there are more than a dozen chapels and an exquisite art museum that you can visit and admire in the same way.

Church and Sanctuary of Santa Rosa de Lima

The Church of Santa Rosa was built where Santa Rosa de Lima (patron saint of Lima and the Philippines) was born. Saint Rose belonged to the Dominican order, and is known for establishing within her own home, a hospital for the poor. It is here that she built a life dedicated to prayer and where she cared for the sick, often forgotten.

Church of the Nazarenas 

The home of the Lord of Miracles, is an architectural piece that combines rococo style and rhinestones. It was originally built in one of the most popular neighborhoods called Pachacamilla, which was inhabited by black slaves.

Santo Domingo Convent

The Convent of Santo Domingo was built at the end of the 16th century. This church is famous in Lima for being the only one that had an “original” bell tower, which due to its multiple refurbishments, still preserves its particular style. Inside the church, we can find the oldest choir balconies in Lima and the famous statue of the Virgin of the Rosary.

Barefoot Convent

Located outside downtown Lima and at the foot of the San Cristobal hill, this convent was founded in 1595 as a space for the spiritual retreat of the friars, it used to be surrounded by large vineyards and fields. Even though nowadays it is surrounded by the constant noise of the city, the Convento de los Descalzos still preserves in its interior that sense of calm and tranquility.

San Pedro Church and Convent

The Jesuits built this impressive church in 17th century Lima. From the outside it may look quite simple, however, inside it is another story. Its arches and altars are covered in gold. Another interesting point is that it has an incredible collection of religious paintings from colonial times.

La Merced Church

This church was originally built in wood and dates from before the founding of Lima. The first Eucharist in Lima was held here in 1534. Today, many of the faithful still visit it to remember and worship the cross of Father Urraca, who is believed to be able to grant miracles.

Church of the Virgin of Pilar

In the middle of the district of San Isidro is the Virgen del Pilar Church, which has been present in the hearts of the faithful since 1926. This baroque style church has a main altar decorated with a colonial altarpiece from the eighteenth century.

San Agustin Church

Due to many damages left in the city of Lima by the Pacific War, the church of San Agustin almost collapsed at the end of the 19th century. After the war, this church was rebuilt following the original design. Today you can see the beautiful reconstruction works in its arches, balconies for the choir and the incredible sculpture of “La Muerte” (Death) carved in wood.

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