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The importance of a tour guide

A tour guide is the “face” of a country, an ambassador of the culture being visited, the “spokesperson” and “contemporary minstrel” of the historical echo that resonates through the present reality: buildings, constructions, traditions, songs and any other current manifestation that is part of the tangible and intangible assets of a nation in a given space; in other words, he/she is the cultural ambassador of a country formally recognized to perform such work.

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What is a tour guide?

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The tour guide is an enthusiastic host who is always ready to offer hospitality to special clients (national and/or international tourists); he/she is generally an inveterate traveler who enjoys the company of other people, getting to know different cultures, learning other ways of life and interpreting the world; he/she is a self-taught and disciplined person who is in constant search of new, exotic and fascinating places that enrich his/her vast repertoire of memories of the experience.

The mission of the tour guide is to inform and interpret the heritage, cultural and natural assets, and other tourist resources of the specific area of action to tourists and visitors, in an attractive way, interacting with them and awakening their interest, as well as to present them with accompanying and assistance services, using, if necessary, the English language and/or another foreign language, so that they feel cared for at all times, their expectations of information and recreational enjoyment are met, and the objectives of the entity organizing the service are fulfilled.

What work activities does a tour guide perform?

Tour guides are professionals who show a group of people certain places of interest, such as the monuments of a city or the different rooms of a museum, for example. 

Tour guides must offer tours that are not only informative, but also entertaining and enjoyable. Likewise, they must do prior research on the places they are talking about and document themselves extensively. They must be prepared not only to give their tour, but also to answer visitors’ questions. 

Nowadays, tours are becoming more and more interactive and include additional materials such as photographs, videos and even games. In addition, there are many outdoor tours, which allows the visits to be very varied and makes it easier for each guide to adapt the tour to his or her taste. 

Studies and qualifications

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These professionals must have a degree in Tourism or a Higher Technician’s Degree in Tourist Guidance, Information and Assistance. In addition, it is normal for guides to speak at least two or three languages, since they will have to give tours to people from all over the world. As a minimum, they must be fluent in English. 

Their professional profile must include skills such as clear diction, interpersonal skills, interest in culture and history, organizational skills, good memory, initiative, problem-solving ability, punctuality, language skills, friendliness, ability to adapt to situations, etc. 

On the other hand, they have the right to be paid for their services and to be hired by companies, entities and individuals, as well as to obtain a credential, which they are obliged to have and display. On the other hand, they are obliged to comply with the previously agreed program, to report objectively, not to intervene in commercial transactions and to inform in advance of the price of the tour.  

Advantages of hiring a guide

Any type of trip or getaway that is carried out improves when you have the experience of a tour guide. Although we can always look for information on our own, what better than an expert to provide us with the most interesting information about a place?

In addition, this professional will take us to specific and important points, some of which we might have overlooked. He will also give us recommendations on the best restaurants to eat at and the best stores to shop at, for example.

In short, having a tour guide for a trip is important for us to know that location much better and will bring us closer to the culture and history of the destination visited. 

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