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Lambayeque’s authorities announced the nomination of the natural protected area to Hierarchy 4, the highest distinction a tourism resource can hold in the world.

In Lambayeque, the Bosque de Pomac Historic Sanctuary is applying for Hierarchy 4, which is considered the highest distinction that Peru’s main tourist destinations receive, such as Machu Picchu. All the documentation has been submitted by the authorities of the region to the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Mincetur).

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Where is the Bosque de Pomac Historic Sanctuary located?

Bosque de Pómac Historic Sanctuary is located in the province of Ferreñafe and is one of Peru’s most visited protected natural areas and national destinations, both by national and international tourists, because it is home to the largest carob forest in the country and the world.

Its good state of conservation has helped generate sustainable development opportunities for the benefit of its citizens through activities such as ecotourism and the production of products derived from the forest, benefiting 150 local residents.

In the Pomac Historic Sanctuary, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of activities such as flora and fauna observation, trekking, biking, camping, horseback riding, handicrafts, and forest products, among others.

Which tourist destinatiosn will be recategorized in Lambayeque?

Although the Vice Ministry of Tourism has not yet confirmed it, the Regional Management of Foreign Trade and Tourism has decided to propose that seven tourist attractions in Lambayeque be recategorized:

  • Hierarchy 4: Bosque de Pomac Historical Sanctuary.
  • Hierarchy 3: Royal Tombs of Sipan Museum
  • Hierarchy 2: Brüning National Archaeological Museum, also the archaeological complexes of Jotoro and Huaca Santa Rosa.
  • Hierarchy 1: Sipan village and the old hacienda house La Viña.

What is the meaning of hierarchies in tourism?

  • Hierarchy 4: exceptional tourist resource and of great significance for the international tourist market, capable of motivating an important flow of visitors. It is equivalent to a place with unique qualities and characteristics in the world.
  • Hierarchy 3: Exceptional tourist resource, capable, on its own or in combination with others, of motivating an important flow of national or foreign visitors. Equivalent to a place with unique qualities and characteristics in Peru.
  • Hierarchy 2: Tourist resource with some striking features capable of attracting visitors who would have come to the area for other tourist motivations or of stimulating regional or local tourist flows. It is equivalent to a place with unique qualities and characteristics in a region or locality.
  • Hierarchy 1: they do not have sufficient merits to be considered at the level of the previous ones, but they are still part of the National Inventory of Tourist Resources as elements to complement others of higher hierarchy. It is a complementary resource.

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