How to get to Puno and the Titicaca lake?

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How to get to Puno and the Titicaca lake?

Lake Titicaca is nothing more and nothing less than the highest navigable lake in the world. It is located near the city of Puno and, for those who visit it, it is a spectacle everywhere you look. The lake is surrounded by dense vegetation where totora reeds prevail, it is inhabited by several islands, and each of them has a different story to tell.

The city of Puno, located in southern Peru, is considered the folkloric capital of the country, in addition, the warmth of its inhabitants, the excitement of its festivities and its colorful streets, make this destination an ideal place to visit in 2021 and the winning destination of the Viajala Barometer 2020. 

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How to get to Puno?

The traditional ways to get to Puno are by air, bus or train. The airport associated with the city of Puno is located in the city of Juliaca, 44 km away, which operates daily flights from Lima, Cusco and Arequipa. Train service from Cusco, whose route is considered the second most beautiful in the world. Regular bus transportation services from a large number of cities in southern Peru and from Bolivia.

Juliaca is an unfriendly city for tourists, in which you will not want to spend more than a few hours. If you want everything well organized, Puno is a charming city where there is a wide range of cultural and entertainment offerings. 

Once you arrive in Puno and enjoy the city, you will have to go to the port. From there, boats set sail across the lake and take you to the Uros Islands, artificial islands made of totora reeds where some families of the Uru ethnic group live.

How to get to Lake Titicaca?

There are several ways to visit Titicaca: take the usual overland route from Lima to Puno or take a flight from Lima to Juliaca. It all depends on how much time you have and how demanding you are in terms of comfort.

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The bus route from Lima to Puno takes about 21 hours. 

The flight from Lima to Juliaca takes about 1 hour 40 minutes and the trip from Juliaca to Puno by car takes about 45 minutes.

What to visit in Titicaca lake?

Puno Bay

Located in the southern highlands of Peru with a flat relief. Puno has many prehistoric sites of circular constructions called, from its origin, chullpas. They are religious buildings with a marked colonial architecture and villages with a very folkloric tradition in dances and rites.

It is also the port of access to the lake, so you will make all excursions from Puno.

Floating islands of the Uros

The Uros islands are a group of artificial islands made of a type of native reed called totora reed, in Lake Titicaca. Inhabited by the Uros, an ancestral people whose culture is linked to the lake and the totora reeds that sprout from the bottom of the lake, building in addition to the islands, their houses and even boats with this type of reed.


It is a binational urban complex located at the source of the Desaguadero River between Bolivia and Peru. A unique place to enjoy both cultures and enjoy the views from another place.

Taquile Island

Another island that you should not miss if you travel to Lake Titicaca. It is Taquile Island, a place where you will travel back in time. There is no electricity, let alone cell phone coverage.

But there is no lack of activities. On the Taquile Island tour you can visit the Mulsina Pata viewpoint at the highest point of the island, or learn to weave as the Taquileños do, authentic masters.

What other places can I visit in Puno?

If after visiting the lake, you want to do something else, we suggest you visit Llachon. 

The option to get to Llachon may take a little more time, but the final destination is a charming town, inhabited by Quechua-speaking indigenous families, who open their doors to visitors to share their customs and ancestral traditions, and who have built small houses next to their homes for adventurous tourists. Here, history is recreated by walking through archaeological sites, sharing farm work or simply lying on your back to contemplate the stars.

The space is very comfortable, the food is delicious and nutritious; the landscapes are impressive and the atmosphere is ideal for those who want to enjoy this sacred place. 

In addition, you can take several hikes, hire a tour of the Titicaca, visit the Uros Islands and, if you are brave, bathe in the icy and clean waters of this unknown area. 

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