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The heart of the Andes beats strong during the month of June, when the ancient city of Cusco, Peru, becomes the epicenter of unparalleled festivities and cultural events. Travelers from all over the world flock to this mystical destination to immerse themselves in the rich history and vibrant tradition that surrounds it. Thousands prepare to witness a spectacle of color, music and dance.

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Cusco Festivities

Bajada de Reyes – Change of the rods of command – Ollantaytambo: Jan 6th

This festivity coincides with the change of authority or Mayor, a rod with a silver handle is carried in the hand symbolizing the command. Festivity of the Descent of the Kings, Procession of the Child Melchior from Marcacocha to Ollantaytambo, presentation of traditional dances, meeting of dancers and bullfight.

Holy Week cusco: March 24th – March 31th

The most fervent Holy Week celebration is in Ayacucho. On Palm Sunday, the celebration of Holy Week begins, culminating on Saturday of Glory, the entire population turns to the Plaza de Armas, with the intention of receiving at dawn on Sunday, the imposing Resurrected Christ, whose image will appear slowly from the Cathedral, to travel the square in its dazzling pyramidal platform of pure silver and be celebrated with bursts of fireworks and peals of bells.

Lord of Torrechayoc – Urubamba: May 26th – May 27th

The origins of this feast date back to 1860, when an enormous cross was placed in the snow and a mass was celebrated for the inauguration of a stretch of road (Urubamba-Lares). Years later, that cross was taken to the city of Urubamba, where it is worshipped; in addition to the mass, the cross is taken out in procession with all its jewels. The celebrations include fireworks, parade of dances, bullfights and cockfights.

Corpus Christi Cusco – Jun 7th

It begins with the entrance of the saints to the cathedral of the city, accompanied by stewards, faithful, bands of musicians and dances. On the central day, the lavish procession of the 15 images of saints and virgins from the same number of parishes of Cusco takes place. This festivity has its own gastronomy; the “chiriuchu” which is a peculiar food. The festivities culminate with the “Octave of Corpus”.

Inti Raymi – Jun 24th

It is the central act of the celebrations for the month of Cusco. It evokes the magnificence of the religious ceremonies of the Inca. The staging begins in the Qoricancha, continuing in the main square of the city and concluding in the esplanade of Saqsayhuaman. The central role is played by the Inca. Once the ceremony is over, the folkloric presentation of the visiting delegations begins. The concurrence is multitudinous.

Santurantikuy Cusco – Dec 24th

Recognized artisans from Cuzco, take the best of their work, to have them for sale in the main square of Cuzco where the inhabitants buy the novel works and other objects such as miniature animals, trees, children for the assembly of the nativity scene.

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