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Possessing an important cultural legacy that brings together diverse customs, traditions and beliefs in its three regions, Peru has produced countless ancestral chronicles and urban legends that have been passed down from generation to generation. 

Its main characters are natural elements taking all kinds of scenarios, such as lagoons, forests, beaches, rivers and mountains.

Some deal with fantastic characters or supernatural phenomena, others evoke terrifying stories or go back to ancient times, but all are characterized by a mystical and religious content, which has allowed them to endure over time.

Today, with the occurrence of new and portentous events similar to those that occurred centuries ago, modern science has accepted and cataloged them within something they call parapsychology , telekinesis, paranormal and inexplicable, accepting and ratifying these events that seem to be nothing more than the repetition of what they refused to accept some years ago. 

These, then, are the stories based on investigations, on consultations of old and decayed documents that sleep the sleep of oblivion in moth-eaten shelves, and in the official archives of the province. 

Perhaps a little fantasy has been added, some flavor to avoid the cold, macabre and bitter of a story, but without distorting or diminishing the heart of the matter.

As human beings we are always susceptible to the fantastic and a country like Peru will always be a good option for these magical moments. Dare to live a magical experience in your next visit to Peru and marvel with its stories and culture in each province you visit.

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Now let’s find out some of this famous myths and legends of Peru remembered by all generation that we sure you would be amazed by :

The Legend of The Chullachaqui

legend chullachaqui jungle peru

A demonic being that lives in the Amazon is the character of this popular Amazonian legend. Among his many powers, he has the ability to imitate the physical appearance of any relative or relative of his victims. 

His deception is so convincing that the victim is unable to remember if the person is alive or not, or if he is far away.

As the two walk, the Chullachaqui takes advantage of the opportunity to converse and, in this way, to lure the unfortunate traveler deeper and deeper into the forest. The creature then abandons him in the middle of nowhere to die slowly. 

The elders of the Amazon describe this character as an old dwarf with a sinister face covered with wrinkles.

As he walks, the chullachaqui marks two completely different footprints on the ground: one human, the other similar to that of an animal. That is why his name in Spanish means “goblin of unequal feet”.

The Myth of Cuniraya Huiracocha

This pre-Hispanic legend tells the story of Cuniraya Huiracocha, a god of the countryside who usually disguised himself as a beggar. He wore dilapidated clothes and had an unkempt appearance. 

One day, walking through the Sanctuary of Pachacamac, he came across Cahuillaca, the most beautiful maiden of the place, and fell in love with her at first sight.

Cuniraya approached her to introduce himself, but the beautiful young woman ignored him.

One day when the young woman was weaving under a lucuma tree, the god took the opportunity to become a bird and thus deposited his germ in one of the fruits. She took the fruit and tasted it. 

After nine months, Cahuillaca gave birth to a baby girl, and after taking care of her for a year, she decided to gather all the gods (huacas) in order to find out who was the girl’s father. 

All were very elegant, with the exception of Cuniraya Huiracocha. Before the refusal of all the attendants to recognize the little girl, the young woman placed her daughter on the floor and let her move to where her father was. The girl approached and hugged Cuniraya.

When Cahuillaca saw the scene with indignation, she did not hesitate to carry her daughter and run to the sea of Pachacamac to throw herself into the water with her. Cuniraya Huiracocha tried to stop her, but was unsuccessful, so both were converted into two islets, which can be seen off the beaches of Pachacamac, south of Lima.

The legend of The Tunche

legend tunche highlands peru

Many people think that walking through the heart of the Peruvian jungle is just a simple walk, a simple adventure trip, a child’s play.

The Peruvian jungle is not only full of exotic and wild animals, abundant vegetation and lost tribes, but also of mysteries and legends that you won’t believe until you experience them firsthand.

Legend has it that in ancient times there was a man tormented by evil and when he died, his impure soul and a heart dented by hatred, began to wander through the vast jungle in search of lost victims. 

It is said that when El Tunche approaches, an intense whistling sound is heard, which announces the death of whoever hears it.

The jungle inhabitants say that if a person dies, he must be watched over all night until he is buried, otherwise, if the person leaves before dawn, El Tunche will take care of his life, and will attack bloodthirsty to some relative or person of the town.

That is why it is best to walk through the jungle during the day and with several people who know the way perfectly, so as not to be trapped by the legendary Tunche, the owner of the Amazonian darkness.

When you arrive in this region of Peru, you are warned about a being that is hidden in the forests. It is recognized as a type of entity that takes human form to capture its victims. 

According to the speeches that have transcended in time, this was a demoniac man who lived a hell in life tormented by evil. When he died and was stripped of his earthly body, his soul began to wander motivated by hatred and contempt.

The curious thing is that when he appears in front of men and women, regardless of their age, he adopts the image of a loved one, which generates confusion, a state that he takes advantage of to kidnap them, devour them, and throw their remains deep in the jungle.

The Myth of The Enchanted Bull

The beautiful Razuhuillca lagoon, located in Huanta, is the scene of this popular Ayacucho legend. The story goes that this place was inhabited by a corpulent and violent black bull that sometimes came out of the depths causing destruction and flooding throughout the town of Huanta. Tired of this situation, the villagers devised a plan to stop the animal.

An old woman, aware of its delicate state of health, decided to sacrifice herself in order to contain the wild species. Legend has it that, after a ritual, the woman threw herself and a huge cage of thick iron bars into the bottom of the lake. 

There, she found the sleeping animal, and as best she could, she put it inside the cage. This brought peace and tranquility to the inhabitants of Huanta who knew that their worst enemy was locked in the depths of the lake.

However, one day, the bull managed to break free from its prison, which caused the flooding of the town. 

Faced with this, the villagers had no choice but to tie the bull up again and protect it so that it would not escape again. From that moment on, the town has lived in constant vigil before the danger that the enchanted bull could flood the city of Huanta again.

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