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Vichayito is a beach located in the north of the Department of Piura, province of Talara, Los Organos district. It is at a distance of 9.7 kilometers from the beaches of Mancora. Despite being a beach that is characterized by being isolated, of a captivating beauty with a sea that is characterized by its tranquility and cleanliness for diving or kitesurfing.

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What to do in Vichayito

what to do vichayito

Vichayito, besides being an impressive beach, has other secluded coasts, picturesque ports, renowned seaside resorts and artisanal fishermen’s coves that preserve their natural charm. In the same beach you can perform the following activities:

Horseback riding: Nothing like appreciating the beautiful scenery while enjoying a horseback ride on the seashore, which usually last approximately 30 minutes.

Swimming with sea turtles: A few kilometers from Vichayito beach is El Ñuro. Besides having a spectacular beach, this small fishing village is famous for its sea turtles.

Diving: Due to its deep waters, Vichayito beach is ideal for diving. There are several schools for beginners as well as for more experienced divers.

Near Vichayito you can take a tour around these beaches:

  • Lobitos: port that has two docks, a fishermen’s cove, and an ideal beach for swimmers for being extensive, as well as quiet. A well known destination for surfing.
  • Cabo Blanco: It is located on the northern coast of Peru, in the department of Piura at km 1137 of the Panamerican Highway North. It is characterized by its fine sand, moderate water movement and large waves classified as only for experts.
  • Los Órganos: Located at km 1153 of the Pan-American Highway North. Its climate is tropical, dry and with good weather all year round. It also has an artisanal dock with white sail rafts.
  • Punta Sal: Located 79 km south of Tumbes and 23 km north of Mancora. One of the most beautiful and extensive beaches on the northern coast of the country, it is characterized by the tranquility and warmth of its waters whose average temperature is 24 ºC (79ºF).
  • Zorritos: 28 km / 17 miles from the city of Tumbes. It is a quiet and simple beach of light sand and fine grain, it enjoys a continuous swell. Its warm waters have an average temperature of 26ºC.

How to get to Vichayito

The best and fastest way to get to Vichayito is by plane. Although there is no airport nearby, you can buy your ticket to Tumbes or Talara, which are nearby.

From Lima to Talara by plane is approximately 1 hour 45 minutes and from the city to Vichayito is an average of 105 kilometers by car.

From Lima to Tumbes is approximately 2 hours and from Tumbes airport to Vichayito is an average of 102 kilometers or 1 hour 30 minutes by car.

In case you decide to drive, it is 1165 kilometers from Lima, this is equivalent to 15 to 16 hours. During the trip you will pass through Ancash, La Libertad, Lambayeque and Piura.

Weather in Vichayito

weather vichayito

The climate in Vichayito is warm and semi-dry. Normally, the average temperature throughout the year is 24°C, however, February is usually the hottest month and can reach 27°C, while in September it is usually cooler with a temperature that can be around 22°C.

The strongest winds are in July, an ideal time to practice sports such as windsurfing and kitesurfing.

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