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One of the destinations that describe by themselves the essence of Peru is Cusco. The contrast between its colonial beauty and its millenary culture is enough to make you want to know its most hidden corners. Every day, you will have the opportunity to have a great time visiting breathtaking landscapes or tasting some of that gastronomy that never ceases to amaze. But, when the sun sets, new options will also arise to make your day an unforgettable experience. Cusco at night reflects magic and tradition, and here are some ideas on how you can make the most of this combination.

While you are traveling to Peru you may need to keep communication or a translation app. That’s why you may need to use one of our mobile phone plans for tourists to have a  tourist sim card. In order to make a nice trip here in PeruSIM. Here we show you some things you can do in Cusco at night.

Start with the Plaza de Armas

Although it was once nothing more than a swampy area, during the Inca Empire it was transformed into the administrative and cultural center of the civilization. The style it adopted after the colonial era is still maintained and is part of modern Cusco. A play of warm lights spreads over the streets and hills surrounding the Plaza de Armas at nightfall, allowing visitors and locals alike to enjoy a fascinating environment. As you walk around, you will get a glimpse of structures such as the Cathedral, the Museum of Religious Art, the Convent and Church of La Merced and the Inka Museum.

On the other hand, the abundance of picturesque balconies and nice shops, where you can find all kinds of drinks from Cusco and the rest of Peru, is what characterizes the Tecsecocha street. If you want to chat with friends, have a drink or are looking for an interesting plan at sunset, then you should head to this area, and you will see how easy it is to find something interesting to do in Cusco at night. Just remember to avoid drinking if you are driving or use our app to order your Uber if you want to enjoy a few drinks.

Follow your way through the San Blas neighborhood.

This is another iconic area worth visiting at night. It offers incredible views and endless alternatives to have fun while exploring the nightlife in Cusco. On a walk through its cobblestone floors you can visit the Cuesta de San Blas, La Galería de Hilario Mendivil and Calle Hatún Rumiyoc, where the famous “Piedra de los Doce Ángulos” (Twelve Angles Stone) is located. The beautiful lighting on all these ancient-looking buildings will make you never forget what Cusco looks like at night.

The cozy places that stand out for their traditional decorations and beautiful atmospheres will undoubtedly make you have a good time. In the streets around the Historic Center, you will find excellent options to enjoy a delicious homemade dessert, accompanied by a steaming coffee, a hot chocolate or a mate de coca. Recipes made from ingredients such as quinoa, lucuma and kiwicha are the favorite of tourists for their unique flavor, so you can’t miss them.

Enjoy the folklore of Cuzco

Cusco, Peru the historic capital of the Inca Empire. Plaza de Armas

The Qosqo Native Art Center is a space dedicated to culture that offers folkloric shows, including typical dances and live musical performances by native artists from the region. Its doors are open from Monday to Sunday from 6:30 p.m. and, on each occasion, they surprise the public with presentations that recreate the traditions of the Inca people. This center is located a few minutes away from the Plaza de Armas, so a Driver Partner who drives with the Uber app will be happy to drop you off as close as possible to the square. Going to the Qosqo Center is the ideal choice for those who are visiting and looking for a good night out.

Culture is everywhere in Cusco, especially in the restaurants. Those who visit the city know that one of the best experiences during their stay is for the food. Dining is the activity you can enjoy the most while marveling at the glow of Cusco at night. Typical dishes such as puchero, caldo de gallina, rocoto relleno and kapchi de habas will show you why its gastronomy seduces everyone from the first moment.

When you look at the available options, you will find restaurants with atmospheres ranging from modern and sophisticated to romantic. After dinner, you can stay and enjoy live performances by local artists in a comfortable and warm environment.

Whatever activity you choose, you won’t be disappointed with all that Cusco has to offer. Its unique charm remains present day and night. Regardless of the time of day, travel through each of its attractions with Uber and move around the city with confidence and safety.Finally, we know that you have to keep communication with your relatives and friends, that you need to be able to orient yourself in new cities, that you might need help with translation and that you might need to search for restaurants or hotels. That’s why with PeruSIM you can buy a SIM card including the data plan of your need without having to worry about high roaming costs.