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Once the Choquequirao project is completed and after 20 years of operation, it is estimated that it will have a regional economic impact of S/4,300 million.

Proinversion reported that the implementation and operation of the project “Improvement of public tourism services in the Choquequirao archaeological park” will promote the arrival of more than 1.2 million tourists per year to the site. Today, only 8,000 people visit it annually.

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The demand from these visitors will boost the tourism industry and related activities for the benefit of the citizens. According to estimates by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Mincetur), once the entire Choquequirao project is completed and after 20 years of operation, it is estimated to achieve a positive economic impact for the local population and the regions of Cusco and Apurimac of S/4,300 million.

The increased flow of tourists will demand the services of new hotels and gastronomy, travel agencies, restaurants, more guides, more buses, cabs, sprinters, etc.

Likewise, they will require more food (such as avocados, corn, dairy products, meats and more of local origin), beverages, native potato snacks, among others; which will be demanded from farmers in Cusco and Apurimac, as well as in the rest of the country; which will generate more direct and indirect jobs in these regions.

What does the Choquequirao project consist of?

The Choquequirao project includes multiple works, such as improving access for the hike, viewpoints, construction of control posts, muleteer centers, rest stations and restrooms, and signage; in addition to the cable car infrastructure itself, consisting of two departure and arrival stations, and two intermediate stations. This includes investment in conservation work at the archaeological park.

This will facilitate the development of cultural, adventure, and nature tourism, as well as the proper conservation of the monument, which will generate an interesting tourist demand. Currently, tourists who want to visit Choquequirao should have five days to do so.

More than US$200 million (including VAT) will be invested in all these interventions -the most important investment in tourism in the history of Peru-, which will create thousands of jobs and reactivate the local and regional economy.
According to initial data, some 250,000 jobs will be created as a result of the increase in tourism demand in the regional and national economy.

“With the cable car project, the Choquequirao archaeological monument will become a world-class tourist destination, integrating and strengthening the southern Peruvian tourist corridor with the incorporation of Choquequirao and improving comfort and safety for national and foreign tourists visiting the south of the country”, highlighted José Salardi, executive director of Proinversión.

It is worth mentioning that the project is currently in the evaluation report preparation stage, within the National System for the Promotion of Private Investment.

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