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Top 10 best places to visit in Peru

Impressive Inca ruins, highland villages, colonial cities and countless spectacular natural sceneries are part of the destinations proposed in this selection of the best tourist attractions in Peru. While you are traveling to Peru you may need to keep communication or a translation app. That’s why you may need to use one of our mobile […]


5 Trekking routes to do in Lima

If you travel and stay in Lima, maybe you’ll be thinking about what to do during your stay here. There are many options of what to do, one of them is trekking. Doing long walks in many places. Although trekking has usually been related to long and demanding mountain hikes, in this post I refer […]


How to visit Amazonas River

One of Peru’s biggest tourist attractions is the immense Amazonas rainforest. It is difficult to look anywhere east of the Andes in Peru without being attracted by the extensive Amazonas rainforest (it covers almost two thirds of the country). If you are thinking of visiting Amazonas from Peru, stay tuned because we will tell you […]


A brief history of Cuzco

The city of Cuzco, or Cusco according to the official spelling, is located in the southwest of Peru, in the Andes Mountains. It is declared as the historic capital of Peru and is the seventh most populated city in the country, with about 406,000 inhabitants. It is also one of the cities that generates more […]


9 typical dishes of Cusco that you must try

An exquisite way to discover something more about the cultures of the people is tasting their dishes. Cusco offers visitors one of its most distinguished cultural elements: its typical dishes. Over the years, many foods have changed, however, the picanterias and the famous chicherias remain through the years. In many restaurants we can find these […]

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