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From the edge of the Andes, where the rich ecosystem of the Humboldt Current bathes the coasts, to the dry tropical forest of the northern coast, Peru’s beaches are as diverse as its people and cultures.

Summer has already begun in Peru, vacations are just around the corner at the end of the year and the beaches become the favorite destination to enjoy the sun, sand and sea. Along its more than 3,000 kilometers the Peruvian coastline is home to ideal resorts for rest, recreation and water sports that guarantee an unforgettable experience in the season preferred by all.

Although the beaches of the north coast are the preferred ones for their warm sea, permanent sun and paradisiacal landscapes, the central and south coast of the country also harbor resorts of extraordinary scenic beauty, excellent waves to practice nautical sports, important fauna and succulent gastronomy that encourage to visit them and treasure unforgettable memories.

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Now let’s find out all the beaches you would love to visit in your next summer vacation and everything you might see on your trip in Peru: 

‘Máncora’ Beach

mancora peruvian beach

With warm waters, excellent sun and perfect waves for surfing, Mancora is one of the favorite beaches for lovers of water sports and restful relaxation. This beach is located in the district of Mancora, in the Piura province of Talara, at a distance of 150 kilometers northwest of the city of Piura.

Access to Mancora is by road via the Pan-American Highway North, with regular bus and tourist vehicle transportation. Air access is basically through the Piura and Tumbes airports.

Its growing fame as a paradisiacal destination led Mancora to be chosen as the best beach destination in South America, in the prestigious World Travel Awards 2016 edition, known as the Oscars of Tourism. Since March of this year this beach has had the international Safe Travels seal that certifies it as a biosafe destination for tourism.

‘Colán’ Beach

Located in the district of the same name, in the Piura province of Paita, Colan is undoubtedly one of the favorite beaches in this part of the country because it enjoys an intense sun all year round, as well as a clean sea, where it is possible to see the sandy bottom of the beach and a fairly modern environment and rich in lodging establishments that provide the best care to visitors.

Playa Colán is also known as “La Esmeralda”, since the sea is characterized by its light greenish color that embellishes the landscape and contrasts with the clear sand of the beach. The sea that bathes the coast is ideal for the practice of different nautical activities such as windsurfing, a sport that attracts foreign visitors throughout the year. Another sport that attracts visitors to Colán is surfing, thanks to the presence of the long waves of its sea.

‘Los Órganos’ Beach

Located at kilometer 1153 of the Panamericana Norte. Its climate is tropical and with good weather all year round. It has an artisan dock, with white sail rafts. After the dock there is a point called Veleros, which has a nice view of the sea.

If you are looking for a complete beach experience that includes calm waters for the kids, lounging around in the warm sun and surfing, this is the perfect place. Located in the small fishing village of Los Organos, this beautiful stretch of sand offers activities for all ages. 

In the warm waters of Los Órganos you can observe an important population of sea turtles that have become an attraction for ecotourism. It has a warm tropical climate with an average temperature of 29°C with a maximum of 35°C in the summer season.

Whether it’s a surfing lesson, a snorkeling session, hand-pole fishing, swimming with sea turtles or whale watching, beach lovers will find unlimited opportunities for fun. With some hotels close to the beach and many houses for rent, Los Organos beach guarantees an unforgettable travel experience.

‘Cabo Blanco’ Beach

surf beaches peru

It is located at kilometer 1137 of the Panamerican Highway North, in the Piura region. The material of the beach is fine sand and the sea is rich in hydrobiological species, making it ideal for fishing. Its beauty impressed the memorable American writer Ernest Hemingway, who made it the setting for his famous novel “The Old Man and the Sea”.

Due to its large and tubular waves, it is ideal for surf lovers, although they are classified as “only for experts”. From Cabo Blanco you can head out to sea to observe the transit of humpback whales, an activity that has become an important tourist attraction on the northern Peruvian coast.

‘Punta Sal’ Beach

Located at kilometer 1,187 of the Panamerican Highway North and 80 kilometers from the city of Tumbes, Punta Sal beach became one of the most popular places for rest and relaxation in Peru decades ago, receiving the visit of national tourists (especially from the capital of Lima) and international tourists at all times of the year.   

Compared to other resorts, Punta Sal is the ideal destination for people seeking silence, tranquility and relaxation. Away from the hustle and bustle, it has a large number of lodgings and restaurants.

This charming beach of warm and crystalline waters is ideal for fishing and diving. In addition, in some months of the year you can see humpback whales from the seashore.

For those seeking warm waters and tranquility, Punta Sal is a serene setting with long stretches of sand open to exploration. This is also a dream destination for fishing enthusiasts. Whether it is spearfishing, hand fishing or taking a boat out to sea, Punta Sal is an ideal place to catch big fish such as tuna.

‘Huanchaco’ Beach

Located just over 20 minutes from the city of Trujillo, the beach resort of Huanchaco, in the district of the same name, is the ideal destination for surf lovers and for those who want to enjoy the best marine gastronomy.

It is characterized by the presence of the emblematic Caballitos de totora, handcrafted boats made of totora reeds, a vegetable fiber that grows in nearby wetlands and has been used since ancient times for fishing. 

These boats emerged with the Mochica civilization, which developed between the second and fifth centuries A.D. and was the main means of transportation for fishermen who extracted the vast hydrobiological resources of the biodiverse Peruvian sea.

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