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Do you remember that distant and already strange life in which when we were a bit disoriented we didn’t have a smartphone in our pocket to help us regain our bearings? Those were hard times, of needing spatial orientation to understand a map the first time, of people who knew how to use compasses, of looking at the stars for practical purposes, of asking the locals. Now this is no longer the case, blessed apps! Surely you have a GPS app on your phone. But do you already know all the possibilities?

Depending on your needs, each app will be more or less suitable. Are you going to use it abroad? Get one with offline maps. Do you like hiking? Get an app full of routes. Do you use it for driving? One with turn-by-turn navigation instructions? These are the 8 GPS navigation apps you should consider!

While you are traveling to Peru you may need to keep communication or a translation app. That’s why you may need to use one of our mobile phone plans for tourists to have a  tourist sim card. In order to make a nice trip here in PeruSIM. Here we show you the best 8 GPS navigation Apps.

The best GPS apps

Google Maps

Why deny it: if you are an Android user you already have it installed on your phone and, although it is simple, what it does it does well. Its maps are among the best: it shows you turn by turn where to go and even offers some alternative routes. But it doesn’t have many customization options and, most importantly, it’s still not possible to download maps for offline consultation of any area. What’s missing? For example, Spain. That said, abroad you have plenty of maps available. It’s free and available for Android, iOS.

TomTom Europe

This app has a very big drawback: it costs 69.99 euros. If you still want to continue reading what it offers, here it goes: some very good and complete maps (after all, it is TomTom), the possibility to consult them offline, information on traffic and radars and 2D and 3D visualizations. Well, the app is very good, a quality that no one doubts. But who pays 70 euros for an application? If that’s you, it’s available for Android.

BackCountry Navigator PRO GPS

If one of your favorite activities is, as soon as you have a little free time, put on your hiking boots and go hiking (or biking), this is definitely your app: very detailed topographical, aerial images and offline access (because we all know that sometimes in the bush coverage is limited). You can plan routes by marking places to pass and see what route you have done, so it will be easy to return the same way. It costs €8.99, although there is also a free trial version. Both are available for Android.


This app uses TomTom maps with free updates and the option to access offline. It is integrated with Google, so you can search for local points of interest, it informs you of road issues (traffic, speed limit changes…) and offers 3D visualizations. It is quite customizable and has plenty of options (navigation to your contacts or a zip code, compass, statistics and even the ability to share where you are with your friends. Available for Android.


We have already talked about Waze here on more than one occasion: a GPS navigation app for social cars, which is updated in real time by the users themselves. The community in Spain is quite large, so the maps work very well. It is free and available for iOS and Android.


The main feature of these maps is that they allow you to search by category (restaurants, stores, tourist interest…). They are designed for people who travel a lot, so they are available offline, there are maps from all over the world and, according to them, they are very fast. Searches for points of interest can also be done offline, you can add favorites and program it to always tell you where you are. Available for Android, iOS

BackPackers GPS Trails

Another one for mountaineers: terrain maps on which you can plan routes in advance and save the routes you make. In addition, you can share these routes with the rest of the users, marking the points of interest you find convenient. You can geolocate the photos and videos you take along the way and share them immediately on social networks. Available for iOS and Android (there is a free Lite version and a paid PRO version).

Mireo Don’t Panic

This app will allow you to avoid traffic in the city and is multitasking, so you can make calls or listen to music without losing navigation. In addition, it is integrated with Foursquare, so its information on points of interest is huge and complete. You can create routes with multiple stops, the maps are stored on the smartphone and it includes the “Take me home” button so you don’t have to enter your address every time you want to return. The apps for the different maps, by country, are paid. You can try a free version. Available for iOS, Android.

To enjoy these apps and be taken to your destination, you must have a good smartphone, take a look at our catalog of free terminals and without permanence.Finally, we know that you have to keep communication with your relatives and friends, that you need to be able to orient yourself in new cities, that you might need help with translation and that you might need to search for restaurants or hotels. That’s why with PeruSIM you can buy a SIM card including the data plan of your need without having to worry about high roaming costs.