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Lima, the capital of Peru, is a big city in a literal physical sense. Widely spread out on its Pacific coast, it has the quality of being the only national capital in South America that bathes its coasts in the sea. 

Lima has another exclusive particularity, that of enjoying, or suffering, a very scarce or almost null rainfall regime.

It is a city that preserves a mestizo culture that can be seen in its gastronomy or in its most ancient customs. The historic center of the city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in its own right. 

Lima is made up of 43 districts, each with a different charm and a particular lodging offer to be discovered.

Lima offers a wide variety of accommodations depending on the location you are looking for, being able to say that sleeping in Lima goes by neighborhoods.

Thus, Miraflores and the historic center itself are the ideal locations to stay in Lima as a traditional tourist because they are close to the places of interest to visit. In both districts there is a good offer of urban hotels with acceptable amenities that can be explored.

The Barranco area is more bohemian and its accommodations combine hostels and medium-low category hotels that are perfect for cost-conscious audiences. San Isidro is another 100% recommendable neighborhood, as it is an elegant and safe area.

Santiago de Surco is a secluded and quiet area that offers, in addition to hotels, apartments and vacation homes that can become a perfect excuse to share vacation days with family or friends and live a cultural immersion in a Lima neighborhood as a local citizen.

Starting the search for the ideal apartment involves looking at different options, searching for financing, finding the safest and quietest place to live, evaluating whether it is profitable or not, there are many possibilities!

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That is why here we present the best districts of Lima so you can buy an apartment and live in peace and quiet with your family:

Miraflores District

Miraflores has always been one of the best areas to live in Modern Lima. It offers its neighbors the perfect mix between residential and commercial areas. In addition, by bordering the Pacific Ocean, it allows you to access the many benefits of living near the sea.

Likewise, the border with the sea provides access to the beach circuit, from which you can move around different districts quickly. 

In that sense, another positive aspect of living in Miraflores is that it has an uninterrupted boardwalk of parks and green areas that beautifies its coasts.

In spite of the bad economic times, Miraflores continues to be the district of Lima Top with the largest number of projects. Additionally, it is also the most attractive area of Lima Top for real estate investments.

It is a district where, if you live with your family, you will always have safe and quiet spaces to do outdoor activities such as biking, picnicking, meeting your friends and more.

Its privileged location allows you to connect with other important districts such as San Isidro, Surquillo, Surco, Barranco. And if you go along Costanera Avenue, you can reach San Miguel, Pueblo Libre or Magdalena.

It has several health centers, as well as educational institutions, in case you are thinking about your children’s future. 

There are also health centers that you can go to at any time. Miraflores is also a safe district, something that is important when you live with your family.

San Isidro District

san isidro district

This has always been one of the most attractive districts to live in Lima. It is located near Miraflores and Jesus Maria, so it offers you access to the south and the center of our city. 

In addition, through its streets and avenues pass many routes of public transport services such as the Metropolitano and the blue corridor and the red corridor.

Living in San Isidro offers you a little bit of everything. For starters, it borders the ocean, so it offers you a lifestyle close to the sea. 

Then, it has a good amount of green areas such as, for example, the famous Parque de la Pera. It also has a dynamic financial area, as well as a large residential area.

Finally, it is important to note that according to the Ipsos and ASEI survey, San Isidro is currently one of the top Lima districts with the highest number of real estate projects, just behind Miraflores and Surco. 

So, if you want to move or start investing in real estate, this area could offer you just what you are looking for.

Now you know some of the best areas to live in Lima today. Analyze the districts in this list, find a good property and start living as you always wanted.

Jesus Maria District 

This has always been one of the best districts to live in Modern Lima. Not only is it an area away from the noise and almost exclusively residential, but it also has a large amount of green areas. 

It borders Pueblo Libre, Magdalena del Mar, Lince, San Isidro and downtown Lima, so you will be close to areas such as the Parque de la Exposición, the Circuito del Agua or the Mariscal Ramón Castilla Park, all important points of our city. 

In addition, from there, you have direct access to the beach circuit, which facilitates transportation to other parts of the city.

On the other hand, according to a recent survey by Ipsos and the Association of Real Estate Companies of Peru (ASEI), Jesús María is the district of Modern Lima with the largest number of real estate projects as of today.

In addition, Jesús María is the second most attractive area in Lima Moderna for real estate investments, so it will have an attractive offer for those who are looking for a new house or apartment.

One of the advantages of this district is that it has vehicular access to important roads such as Brazil Avenue, Salaverry Avenue or San Felipe Avenue.

Through these avenues, you can access other nearby districts such as Pueblo Libre, Magdalena or Miraflores.

Jesús María also has the Real Plaza Shopping Center where you will find a variety of stores and supermarkets.

Lince District 

Often, Lince is one of the areas of Lima that is overlooked in favor of its more popular neighbors such as Jesus Maria or San Isidro. 

However, during the last few years, its real estate offer has increased and diversified. Lince district also has a good amount of green areas such as the Mariscal Ramón Castilla park, which increases the attractiveness of its real estate.

On the other hand, another great advantage of living in Lince is that some of the most important arteries of Lima pass through this district. 

Avenues such as Arequipa, Javier Prado and the Paseo de la República expressway allow residents to move around the city without difficulty.

As for its real estate offer, according to the aforementioned survey, Lince is the second district of Lima Moderna with the largest number of projects. Not only that, but it is also currently the most attractive district in Lima Moderna for real estate investments.

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