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You are thinking of going out to have fun one weekend with friends to a disco to dance, sing and drink happily, but you don’t know what will be the best disco in Lima in 2023.

Let me show you in this top the best nightclubs around Lima where you will find the fun at its best with the best music and plenty of drinks that will make your night an unforgettable one.

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The best nightclubs to go out on the weekend in Lima

For those looking to let loose on a weekend night out, Lima has a lot to offer in terms of nightclubs. From techno clubs to swanky rooftop bars, there is something for everyone. Lima is known for its nightlife, and there are plenty of places to party. However, choosing the right nightclub can be a challenge.

Surely you want to know what are the best places to dance in Lima this 2023, in the capital we have multiple options for all kinds of taste, from discos themed in the 80’s and 90’s, to the famous salsodromos, that is why in this article we bring you the 7 best clubs to visit this 2023.

7- Tequila Rock Nightclub

This place is located in a quiet area of Brazil and has security at the entrance. Although it has no parking, there is space for a couple of cars. The entrance is consumption only and the atmosphere is cozy thanks to its small size.If you like to listen to classic rock, you will not be disappointed with its playlist.In addition, smoking is prohibited inside.The liter beer costs 20 soles.

  • Address: Av. Brasil 902, Breña 15083
  • Opening Hours: 12:00 – 18:00

6- Discotheque Sargento Pimienta Rock Bar

Discoteca Sargento Pimienta Rock Bar is one of the best bars, the drinks are good and varied, the attention of the staff is very good and super patient in the bar area, checkroom, locker and bathroom.

It has quite spacious environments, where you can enjoy good drinks and listen to good music. In addition, the decoration of the disco, the sound of the live bands along with the scenery make a perfect combination.

All this makes it a highly recommended place and one of the best places to dance in Lima.

  • Address: Av. Francisco Bolognesi 757, Barranco 15063
  • Opening Hours: Tuesdays to Sundays: 10:00 pm – 4:00 am

5- Madame Nightclub

Madame is a discotheque with a unique theme both inside and on the terrace. They offer a wide variety of musical genres and have talented DJ’s. In addition, their girls are beautiful, sensual and sexy, which ensures a fun night at Madame. Undoubtedly, it is a highly recommended nightclub.

  • Hours of Operation: Friday and Saturday: 20:00-6:00

4- Bizarro Discotheque

The disco Bizarro has 2 areas where you can dance, one with Latin music and the other with electronic music, a variety of musical genres, quality service and excellent decoration.

Bizarro disco will become a classic place to go out with your friends, in the heart of Lima. Among its main advantages is the double atmosphere in its facilities, in which you can choose between two different types of music, besides being a good salsodromo in Lima.

  • Address: Francisco de Paula Camino 220, Miraflores 15074.
  • Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday: 22:00 pm- 5:00 am.

3- Di Luna Discotheque

The discotheque Di Luna is one of the best places to dance in Lima, this place is very crowded by people from the best districts of the capital, it is part of the “list of exclusive discos in Lima”.

Here you will find the best nightlife in this northern part of the city. Come and enjoy a night with the best variety of music, the most complete cocktails and a super friendly atmosphere.

  • Address: Multicenter, Carlos Izaguirre 275 2nd. Level – Cc. Financiero, LIMA, Independencia
  • Hours of Operation: Monday to Sunday: 20:00- 6:00 am.

2- The Blood Discotheque

In The Blood nightclub you will find a very good place. Wide, with a variety of music, drinks and quality services of the best you can find in Lima.

The Blood has the peculiarity of playing music from the 80-90’s for the faithful lovers of retro music and this makes it a very popular place in Lima and a great alternative to have fun in a proper way, with music that does not disappoint and above all accompanied with the best drinks and next to your friends, family or partner. Come and enjoy The blood nightclub.

  • Address: Jr, Hernán Velarde 201, Cercado de Lima 15046
  • Opening hours: Monday to Sunday: 20:00- 6:00 am.

1- Valetodo Downtown Discotheque

We arrive at the end of this tour and we find the discotheque Vale Todo Downtown, undoubtedly one of the best discos in Lima in 2020.

Valetodo downtown has several music rooms. If you like to dance to Latin rhythms or prefer to enjoy the night dancing to the best pop, dance or electro songs; this is your place.

All this makes Valetodo downtown nightclub the undisputed fun option when choosing to spend a pleasant time. Therefore, we invite you to visit this nightclub so you do not miss the 4 areas that downtown offers you, because you will have fun guaranteed.

And when you go to the disco Valetodo downtown do not forget to say that you come from “THE BEST OF LIMA”.

  • Address: Pje. los Pinos 168, Lima 15074
  • Opening hours: Monday to Sunday: 20:30- 1:00 am.

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