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Nowadays, a large part of the population prefers to order a delivery and enjoy a good meal from a restaurant or Fast Food from the comfort of their home. 

There are also those who, to avoid the city traffic and all the odyssey that goes with going to a supermarket, prioritize placing the order of the week with a single click.

First, let’s start by asking ourselves what are delivery apps? These applications have made it easier for users to get thousands of options, from the comfort of our home, work or other space, to purchase any good through this platform and receive it at the destination you want.

As for the profile of the food delivery consumer, this tends to be quite broad in its age group, since the users of this application are between 18 and 45 years old. 

Moreover, they use cards or cash for their purchases. Also, the most valued feature is the reasonable or low cost of delivery.

“Users are looking for a lot of practicality, which is why operationally it creates a lot of challenges to get their food order right. 

The user experience without friction is also important, as well as the delivery proposal that does not imply an additional cost overrun,” said Valdez.

As a result of the pandemic, Peruvian restaurants had to migrate from the restaurant service to the delivery service in order to continue their operations. 

With these initiatives, the food delivery service, which is operated by different players in the market, achieved a turnover of approximately US$ 150 million per year. New applications have also been added to this business line.

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Now let’s find out more about the delivery apps and how big their impact was on Lima and Peru

What was the growth of delivery in Peru in recent years?

Touch Peru pointed out that in 2020 alone, the year the COVID-19 pandemic began, the delivery service grew by around 250%. 

This move generated the emergence of new apps. Also, according to Niubiz data, online food ordering was one of the fastest growing during the quarantine.

Another information to consider is that in relation to e-commerce, restaurants lead this list of demands, followed by supermarkets and drugstores.

In addition, among the most requested products from stores by users are beers, wines and spirits; bakery and pastry; meats and fish; beverages, snacks and confectionery and personal care.

Likewise, the Lima Chamber of Commerce highlighted that thanks to the support of delivery, the food sector in our country would have grown between 4 % and 5 % only in 2019. 

One of the main factors behind this trend is that more and more Peruvian families are looking to simplify kitchen tasks.

What are the main apps in Peru


In September 2022, PedidosYa bought Glovo (Delivery Hero) for US$ 272 million. Since then, this company has been leading the industry thanks to the fact that you can find different culinary proposals and the best restaurants in the city.

Currently, one of the company’s visions is to double the number of users and reach 8 million in no more than two years. In addition, they plan to continue expanding nationwide.

On the other hand, they currently have a little more than 5,000 stores. These are led by the food sector, followed by courier services, supermarkets, pharmacies and convenience stores.


Rappi is not only that app to order a dish, dessert or products related to apothecaries and / or supermarkets, but you can also buy flights and even book hotels for your next trip.

Additionally, they have RappiMall, which is similar to a shopping mall within an app, where you can find everything from flowers and school supplies, to kitchen supplies and skin care products.

Manzana Verde (Green Apple)

This app is recommended for those who enjoy a good healthy lunch. ‘Manzana Verde’ has a variety of more than 200 dishes for you to achieve your nutritional goal, whether your intention is to lose weight, maintain it or gain muscle mass. Delivery is totally free.


The platform that entered Peru in 2019 and was subsequently acquired by Uber in 2020, offers the service of supermarkets, stores, liquor, bakery, pastry, home and others. Meanwhile, its presence is not only in Lima, it has also reached the southern region of Arequipa.

They also have an annual subscription program called Cornershop Pop. For the cost of 200 soles you have access to promotions and free shipping on orders over 100 soles.

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