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Top 10 best beaches to surf in Perú

Peru has excellent beaches for surfing and enjoying a bit of adventure tourism. The large number of national surfers and foreign tourists that arrive every day to the various beaches of the country only goes to show that surfing is a sport that is growing more and more in Peru.

While you are traveling to Peru you may need to keep communication or a translation app. That’s why you may need to use one of our mobile phone plans for tourists to avoid high roaming costs. In order to make a nice trip here in PeruSIM. Here are some of the best beaches to surf in Peru that you should not miss:

1. Organos (Piura)

Very touristic beach located in the province of Talara that has a left wave with tube sections and that also serves to make many maneuvers. The trip from Piura to Órganos takes an estimated 2 hours by bus, covering a distance of 202 km by land. Oltursa is a transportation company that covers the route and offers fares between S/. 35 and S/. 50, depending on the service chosen by the client.

2. Cabo Blanco (Piura)

A fishing cove known worldwide for once being home to Ernest Hemingway, it has a world-class left wave with one of the most perfect tubes in existence. The beach is divided into two: Panic Point, which breaks in winter, and Cabo Blanco proper, which breaks in summer.

From Piura by the Panamericana Norte, it will take us 2 hours to get to the beach. From Talara it is only 40km. These two routes can be done by public or private transport, the time varies only in 30 minutes approx.

3. Lobitos (Piura)

playa lobitos piura

This beach, which in 2009 saw our champion Sofía Mulanovich triumph in the World Surfing Tour, has a long and tubular left wave, perfect for good maneuvers.

Lobitos is located in the province of Talara in Piura, only 30 minutes by car approximately from the city of Talara. From Lima, you can get to Talara by plane or bus. I traveled by Cruz del Sur, because I found an offer for S/49, although it is a 19 hour bus ride.

From Talara to Lobitos, vans leave from 6:30 am to 8:00 pm. The cost is S/4 per person. The departure point is at the intersection of Avenida E and Avenida Mártires Petroleros. You can get there with a mototaxi, which charges S/2. There are also cabs, which charge from S/30.

4. Pacasmayo (La Libertad)

This beach has one of the longest waves in Peru, the same one that is considered “a train” by surfers due to the size and speed it grabs. This left wave is formed as if it were a ramp, allowing different types of maneuvers.

5. Chicama (La Libertad)

Located in the port of Malabrigo, north of Trujillo, it has a wave of almost 2 kilometers long (the largest wave in the world). When the wind blows against it, it is a perfect wave.

6. La Herradura (Lima)

Emblematic beach at the end of the Costa Verde has one of the most complete waves on the Peruvian coast. It has a good size, wall, ride, good tubes and three very well defined sections.

7. Pico Alto (Lima)

Beach in Punta Hermosa that has one of the biggest waves in the world. Its wave can reach up to 10 meters high. This characteristic makes it one one of the best beaches for surfers.

8. Chilca (Lima)

Beach for surfing but not suitable for all surfers. It breaks near the shore and on good days it is really spectacular. There are waves for the right and for the left, the same ones that have as main characteristics to be tubular and very powerful.

9. Cerro Azul (Lima)

cerro azul surf

Its wave has several sections for good performances. In one of the sides of the pier it has a right wave that is spectacular. Ideal to start practicing this Olympic sport.

To get there you’ll need to take a bus to Cañete and then a car that will drop you off at the resort. If you go by private car, head towards kilometer 131 of the Panamericana Sur highway. Companies like Soyuz, Flores, Cañetano are some of the companies that make this route and you will pay less than 20 soles to get to your destination to one of the best beaches in Peru. 

It’s recommended to go with a minimum of S/70 so you can taste some seafood in the place and drink something fresh, so you can return home comfortably and without any inconvenience.

10. San Gallán (Ica)

Island located in the Reserve of Paracas, it is a very amusing right waves and with great tubular sections. It is not a beach. At kilometer 245 of the Panamericana Sur is the El Chaco beach in the Paracas Bay, where you can take a boat to the island, the trip takes about an hour and a half.

Finally, we know that you have to keep communication with your relatives and friends, that you need to be able to orient yourself in new cities, that you might need help with translation and that you might need to search for restaurants or hotels. That’s why with PeruSIM you can buy a SIM card including the data plan of your need without having to worry about high roaming costs.

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