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Tacna is about to celebrate another year of anniversary of its reincorporation to the homeland and pay tribute to its admirable culture and its outstanding role in a chapter of the history of Peru. Find out when its 94th anniversary is celebrated and what places to visit for this special date, as well as discover what activities are being prepared for this commemoration.

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When is Tacna’s 94th anniversary?

On August 28, the Tacna region celebrated its 94th anniversary of reintegration into the country. This festivity commemorates its return to Peruvian sovereignty in 1929, since it had previously suffered foreign occupation and had to face a period of Chilean annexation. This fact marked a fundamental episode in its history and that of Peru.

On the other hand, it is important to point out that Tacna, known as the “Heroic City”, was the scene of transcendental events. For example, it played a relevant role in the struggle for the country’s independence.

What tourist attractions can you visit on this date?

The region of Tacna offers its visitors prodigious landscapes that captivate with their singular beauty, in addition to archaeological vestiges of great importance and a wide range of irresistible gastronomy that is marinated with the nectar of its wines and piscos, which are preserved in its quality vineyards.

Below, thanks to Andina news agency, we review some of the attractions that make up the charms of the popular Heroic City.

Main Square

At this time of the year is the right time to visit the most emblematic places of Tacna, such as the Plaza de Armas, which is characterized by several fountains that stand out for their height of six meters. This monument was brought from the city of Brussels, Belgium, as a gift from the government of President Jose Balta.

The Cathedral

It is the most outstanding religious building of the city and was built since 1875 in the same place where the old temple was located. In spite of the Pacific War, it was finished and inaugurated on August 28, 1954 during the government of Manuel Odría.

Parabolic Arch

It is a monument of 18 meters high, which pays homage to the heroes who participated in the War of the Pacific, such as Admiral Miguel Grau and Colonel Francisco Bolognesi. Some historians indicate that its oval shape represents the trajectory of a cannon shell fired into the sky.

House of Francisco de Zela

It is the place where the precursor of independence proclaimed freedom in 1811. Inside are exhibited documents related to his family and a photographic gallery that recalls the history of Zela’s revolution in the Tacna region.

Juridical House

In this place is located the Museum of the Reincorporation, the Tacna Art Gallery and the Regional Historical Archive. The Act of surrender of Tacna to the Peruvian territory was signed here on August 28, 1929.

Railway Museum

It is located in the railway station that was built in the nineteenth century by the English company The Arica & Tacna Railway. This was the only international railroad in Peru, it was the second to be built during the government of Marshal Ramon Castilla.

San Jose de Pachia Church

It has a splinter of the cross of Christ that was a gift from the Vatican. Its visit must be coordinated with the nuns of the cloister. It was built by the inhabitants of Pachia and its priest and was inaugurated in 1870. Currently the church venerates St. Joseph, patron saint of the town.

Tacna is also characterized by the diversity of cultures, shaped by indigenous roots, Spanish and other influences. This is reflected in its colonial architecture, its festivities and its gastronomy, which make the city unique. Its most representative celebrations are the Tacna Week and the International Grape Harvest Festival.

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