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Get your tourists SIM Card in
Parque Kennedy
Miraflores, Lima

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Peru SIM card for tourists

Order your SIM and pick it up at our physical store.

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Coverage 4G 4.5G Y 5G

No speed limits. Our Claro network reaches every place in Peru to travel always connected.

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Peru SIM App

Download our app and activate or change plans without fear.

Our Customer Say

mimi deveroux
mimi deveroux
Im not an American "Karen" but it was really helpful that the agents spoke and understood English, because my Spanish is limited. Fast and quick service and friendly customer service.
Martin Leimer
Martin Leimer
Get a SIM card with 5 GB for 15 USD, 60 Soles - 15GB for 25 USD, 100 Soles - 30 GB for 35 USD, 140 Soles. There is a 10 Soles activation fee. Uses Claro network. Valid for 30 days. No queue. Staff is friendly and speaks English.
Jenni Rojas
Jenni Rojas
Ambien agradable y buena atención!
Bruno Isozaki Escobar
Bruno Isozaki Escobar
This is one of the best mobile services for tourists. Many of my relatives also think it's very nice. They're traveling to Peru and considering it as a very important option. 🙂
Liam Doyle
Liam Doyle
Came here because all other phone stores were closed. We were In and out within 15 mins. Got a 15gb card for 110 sol for me and a 5gb for my girlfriend (70 sol). Staff were very friendly and fluent English. Paid by card. Carrier is ‘cuy’, which I believe uses the same towers as claro, so internet is fast and strong. They also wrote down our new phone numbers and gave us a WhatsApp support line for any troubles. Will be coming back with my friend for his SIM card later today

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